The new state of the art youth justice centre will utilise physical, electronic and operational security elements to ensure the safety of staff, young offenders, visitors and the wider community.

The youth justice centre will accommodate both remand and sentenced young people with a range of risk/need profiles. The security and construction elements of each building and functional area will be tailored according to risk/need profile.

The primary security barrier will be a continuous solid 6m wall providing a physical and visual screen between the youth justice centre and the surrounding public areas. The perimeter detection system will detect unauthorised attempts to breach the wall/fence from both inside and out.

Inside the youth justice centre, structured operational processes and physical barriers will also be utilised to manage the day-to-day movements of residents, staff and visitors.

Electronic security measures play a major role in a youth justice custodial environment and the new youth justice centre will be fitted with the most appropriate security systems to ensure a high level of safety for all.

Measures such as CCTV cameras, metal detectors, alarm monitoring points and key management systems will be used throughout.