For security and safety purposes, the secure perimeter of the youth justice centre is required to be illuminated from dusk until after dawn to allow for visual detection of movement and to facilitate the 24-hour operation of the youth justice centre.

Directional and adjustable LED lighting is generally the best measure to reduce light pollution and will be utilised to reduce lighting levels whilst meeting operational requirements.

Illumination of internal pathways and roads will be expected to be not more than uniform 3-5 lux, to minimise light spill into adjoining areas and avoid obtrusive light spill into accommodation.

Illumination of the secure perimeter will be adjustable. During the hours when the secure perimeter needs to be illuminated, lighting will be at reduced levels, switching to normal levels immediately upon activation of the perimeter security system. Infra-red lighting, invisible to the human eye, will be considered for certain locations and times.

The design will use efficient lighting fixtures on the secure perimeter to ensure energy savings while maintaining appropriate safety and security.

The external car park and the entry areas will feature lighting compliant with Australian Standards. Light fittings will include pole, bollard and building-mounted lights located and oriented to control light pollution and glare limiting the impact on the local community and environment.

An emergency and exit lighting system will be provided to the appropriate standards.

As the lighting technology will be different to what is used at the Werribee Quarry and Werribee Refuse Station, the centre lights will not be as bright.