The Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan (the PSP) will guide the development of a new growth area in Wonthaggi. The PSP will plan for the construction of approximately 5,000 new homes over the next 30 to 50 years. It will also identify what infrastructure is needed to support the growing community, such as roads and community facilities, and land for employment and retail.

For more information, refer to the Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan.

Draft amendment to the Bass Coast Planning Scheme

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has prepared a draft amendment to the Bass Coast Planning Scheme to include the Wonthaggi North East PSP as an Incorporated Document and make the required changes to the Planning Policy Framework. The draft Amendment will enable the Wonthaggi North East to develop in line with Wonthaggi North East PSP.

The draft Amendment includes the Wonthaggi North East Development Contributions Plan to manage the delivery of local infrastructure. It also includes the Wonthaggi North East Native Vegetation Precinct Plan to manage native vegetation.

Consultation on the Growth Plan and accompanying draft planning scheme amendment documents closed on 30 November 2020.

For a summary of the consultation findings refer to the Wonthaggi North - Public Consultation Report - December 2020.

VPA Fast Track Program

The Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan has been identified as a project on the VPA’s Fast Track Program. You can read more about the VPA’s Fast Track Program here.

The project will use the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee to consider unresolved matters and provide advice to the Minister and the VPA prior to VPA finalising the amendment for the Minister for Planning’s consideration.

Referral of Draft Amendment C152 to the Bass Coast Planning Scheme to the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee

Between 2 November and 1 December 2020, the VPA undertook a targeted public consultation process for the Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan and the associated draft planning scheme amendment.

Tranche 1 of the Wonthaggi North East PSP Standing Advisory Committee Hearing concluded on the 16th of April 2021 and addressed matters relating to strategic planning, road network planning, vegetation and bushfire hazard. The Committee submitted its Interim Report on the findings and recommendations on the Tranche 1 Hearing on 2 June 2021. In accordance with the Terms of Reference the VPA is required to release the report within 10 business days of its receipt (18 June 2021). To view the SAC’s report, refer to:

Tranche 2 of the hearing is slated to commence on the 6th of December 2021 and will address matters relating to pipeline infrastructure, drainage and the DCP. The VPA are undertaking further work between the hearings that will inform revised versions of the PSP, DCP and NVPP. To access a copy of the most recent directions letter, refer to:

Vision for the Wonthaggi North East PSP

The Wonthaggi North East PSP will create an attractive extension to the existing Wonthaggi township, providing long term residential and employment growth for Bass Coast Shire. The PSP will allow a significant expansion to Wonthaggi, including community facilities, parks, trails and a new sports reserve. The PSP will also provide employment opportunities by allowing commercial and industrial businesses to establish on the Bass Highway.

The PSP will ensure that new communities are integrated with the existing town through road connections and tree-lined streets connecting to St Clair Boulevard. The extensive pathway network will connect residents to parks, sporting and community facilities, bushland, the existing township and the Bass Coast Rail Trail.

Protection and enhancement of Wonthaggi’s natural assets will be a crucial component of the PSP, through the retention and rehabilitation of native vegetation, and improvement of existing waterways.

The introduction of an extensive waterway and wetland system will anchor the new community, providing a natural thoroughfare through the precinct and allowing for recreational opportunities. The significant wetland and waterways areas for stormwater management will include landscaping and pathways.

The urban structure concept supports an engaged community with development opportunities that encourage access to local employment, participation in community and recreation activities, and contribute positively to the physical and social health and well-being of all members of the community.


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Engagement Documents

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