Wimmera Southern Mallee Assembly Video

Video Transcript

[Title: Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Assembly 5 October 2016]

[Vision: Farmland - town - meeting hall]

Geoff Lord - Federation University

[Vision: People in meeting talking]

Look, I think the assembly’s a great initiative by the current State Government, giving people at the grass-roots an absolute direct line of opinion.

Darren Webster - Skillnvest

You know, I think we’ve got six ministers here today.

[Vision: People in meeting talking - Darren Webster speaking]

To get them all in one place is a great opportunity for people to pass on what are their thoughts, and also for the Government to hear what people are saying from the regions.

Gavin Jennings - Special Minister of State

[Vision: People in meeting talking]

Our challenge is to listen to good ideas, to respond to good ideas, and make sure that we work on them together.

Carly Flecknoe - Harvest Café

[Vision: People in meeting talking]

Being a new business owner it’s always really, really important to me to know what’s going on in the region, and what area where we’re sort of working towards.

Sanjay Manivasagasivam - Northern Grampians Shire

This is really a good opportunity to bring everyone, have an idea and have a plan for the long-term.

David Jochinke - Chair - Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership

The work that we undertake tonight will support the regional partnership, to provide direct strategies into the heart of the State Government.

[Vision: People in meeting talking]

Jo Bourke

[Vision: People in meeting talking - Jo Bourke speaking]

It’s great to see so many people here, and the range of people.

[David Jochinke speaking - people in meeting talking]

That’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to discuss community issues, and for you to have the opportunity to voice anything that you believe is important to the region.

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport & Major Projects

[Vision: People in meeting talking - Jacinta Allan speaking]

It’s new, and it’s going to mean that Government is sitting back and doing a lot of listening while we hear from a great cross section across the region of leaders in different fields, community people who will be telling us about the challenges I’m sure, but also the great opportunities that we need to explore in partnership.

[Lady on stage speaking - people looking a pegboard ideas]

And, we would like to be able to introduce innovative, responsive programs that are actually community-based, and community-owned.

[Jaala Pulford speaking - people in meeting listening]

This has, at its genesis, that recognition of the need for us to change, for us to do more listening, and a real recognition that local communities know better than anybody what works in their own backyard.

Jason Trethowan - Western Victoria Primary Health Network

Tonight was awesome.

[Vision: People in meeting talking]

I found the discussions really embracing a whole concept of community.

[Jaala Pulford speaking]

So much has been generated in a way of ideas. There’s been some pretty pointed, constructive criticism on a couple of points.

[Jason Trethowan speaking]

I know this region pretty well, and it’s pretty passionate, and there was no shrinking violets around the table, but everyone was really respectful.

[Jaala Pulford speaking]

Our challenge, as ministers in the Government now, is to take this energy and this dedication from this community, these ideas, and to do things differently.

[Carly Flecknoe speaking]

If they hold this again next year I’ll be back.

[Jaala Pulford speaking]

The real work starts tomorrow I suppose.

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]