The Essential Services Commission conducts price reviews for all Victorian water businesses. We are currently reviewing the prices for Goulburn-Murray Water, South Gippsland Water and Western Water.

The final decisions from our water price reviews include regulated prices for certain water services. These prices reflect requirements for that water business or water management process and aim to ensure sustainable outcomes for Victorian water consumers.

We use findings from these reviews to create tariffs for Victorian water businesses. These schedules help determine fixed and variable water prices for consumers.

Have your say

We are currently seeking feedback from water customers and stakeholders for Goulburn-Murray Water, South Gippsland Water and Western Water.

We want to make sure we give you the opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback about our draft decisions. You can have your say on each water business's consultation page:

  • asking a question or providing feedback on our draft decision in our virtual public forum where our water team will reply
  • requesting a water team member to give you a call to discuss our draft decision, or
  • making a submission about our draft decision through the general comments form or uploading a formal submission document.

You can also give us your feedback calling us on 1300 664 969.

About us

The Essential Services Commission is an independent regulator that promotes the long term interests of Victorian consumers with respect to the price, quality and reliability of essential services. We regulate Victoria’s energy, water and transport sectors, and administer the local government Fair Go Rates system.