Key information for your submission

It's important that you have all the information you need before you make a submission. Read about Coliban Water's 2018 price submission by clicking on the documents below:

View the customer fact sheet for Coliban Water's price submission.

View Coliban Water's full price submission.

Learn more about how prices affect your bill.

How to make a submission

  • You can make a submission on Coliban Water's price proposal by responding to the questions below.
  • You can also make a general submission by emailing, calling us on (03) 9032 1300 or writing to us at:

Attn: 2018 water price review
Essential Services Commission
Level 37, 2 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Privacy note

To make a submission to our water price review, you'll need to provide us with some basic contact details. We'll use this information to keep you updated about the review process. Read the privacy statement at the bottom of this page for more detail on how we handle your information.

You might like to comment on fixed and variable charges, and prices for tenants, owners and non residential customers. Read more information about how we regulate water prices.

As part of their price submission, water businesses must propose a set of outcomes that customers will receive during 2018 to 2023. To find more information on these proposed outcomes and how they'll affect you, read the water business's submission or our customer fact sheet. You can access both of these documents at the top of this page.

If your business fails to deliver some minimum service standards, it may need to pay affected customers. These services (and the associated payments) are called guaranteed service levels (GSLs), which we approve in our price review. Water businesses must identify and pay affected customers as soon as practicable after the event. You can read about your water business's proposed guaranteed service levels in their submission, which you can access at the top of this page. For general information on guaranteed service levels, learn about customer rights and protections.

As part of our price review, we ask water businesses to tell us about the major projects they're planning to complete over the next five years. To find more information on these proposed projects and how they'll affect you, read the water business's submission or our customer fact sheet, which can both be accessed at the top of this page.

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Privacy statement

As part of making a submission, we need you to provide personal information, such as your name, email address, town of residence and postcode. We’ll use this information to send you information about the release of final decisions for this review.

It’s our policy to publish all submissions from the water price review on our website.

When we publish a submission, we also include some details about the submitter (your name, not your address). We treat all submissions as public information unless the submitter has asked us to:

  • treat some or all of a submission as confidential or commercially sensitive
  • not disclose personal information, such as a name, address or contact details.

We may also collect personal information when you email us with a query. Aside from any exceptions in relevant privacy legislation, we will not use or disclose the information you provide for any purpose other than to progress and respond to your query.

You have the right to access personal information we hold about you. We may ask you to pay a small fee for this. You can also request that we correct your personal information in our records at no charge.

Requesting anonymity

You can request anonymity by selecting the relevant tickbox below. Depending on the circumstances, requesting anonymity may affect the weight we can give to your submission. Information that influences our decisions generally needs to be disclosed so stakeholders can understand the reasons for our findings.

Read more information about our privacy policy.