Infrastructure Victoria is updating Victoria’s 30-year Infrastructure Strategy. The update will make sure our advice on infrastructure needs for Victoria:

  • remains current
  • reflects policy changes, and
  • responds to emerging challenges.

The draft strategy (28.9 MB, PDF) presents a vision for a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Victoria.

For three years we have researched and consulted with Victorians to prepare a draft strategy update. This work builds on the state’s first-ever 30-year strategy released in 2016. We are now seeking your feedback on the draft strategy to ensure the strategy can work for you and your community. Your feedback will inform preparation of the final strategy. We will table this in the Victorian Parliament in mid-2021.

Why do we need your feedback?

Infrastructure is more than roads, bridges, hospitals and schools. Infrastructure connects Victorians to their community, and to their jobs, education and environment. This document is a true draft. We expect the draft recommendations will change because of your feedback, new analysis and new information.

This is a draft strategy for all Victorians. We have listened to regional communities to understand their specific infrastructure needs. We are keen to hear more from all Victorians, including those in our metropolitan, regional and rural areas.

This strategy includes 95 draft recommendations seeking to better use existing infrastructure, manage demand, and help plan the timing and location of new infrastructure. They are divided into four themes:

  • Confront long-term challenges
  • Manage urban change
  • Harness infrastructure for productivity and growth
  • Develop regional Victoria

Victoria's Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy

Video 1: About Victoria’s Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent advisory body providing expert advice to the Victorian Government about infrastructure needs and priorities.

We're responsible for developing a 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria.

And for updating this strategy every three to five years.

Much has changed in the four years since Victoria’s first 30-year infrastructure strategy.

Victoria, like the world, is responding to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Shortly before the virus took hold, Victoria also endured one of the worst fire seasons on record.

This took a heavy toll on communities, environments, and infrastructure.

These events highlight how situations can change rapidly, and that infrastructure plans must be adaptable.

The updated draft strategy is now ready for Victorians to review.

It contains 95 draft recommendations for infrastructure policies, reforms and projects to confront long-term challenges, manage urban change, harness infrastructure for productivity and growth and develop regional Victoria.

The draft recommendations are for all Victorians, and are based on extensive evidence, research and consultation.

The strategy provides a practical roadmap for action over the next 30 years, as well as short-term responses to help us recover from the pandemic and bushfires.

If adopted, these recommendations will have a big impact on all of us and support a thriving, inclusive and sustainable Victoria.

We’re inviting all Victorians to have their say on the draft strategy.

You can comment on all recommendations, or just the parts that interest you.

This is an opportunity for all communities across Victoria to help shape the future of our state.

To view the draft strategy or provide feedback online, visit www.infravic.com/30yearstrategy before February 26 2021.

Read by region

Tell us more about regional Victoria

We want to hear what’s important to you and what you value. We would also like to hear your feedback on draft recommendations for your region.

Tell us what is important for your region by clicking the relevant link below.

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Tell us more about these topics

We want to hear what’s important to you and what you value. You can comment on all draft recommendations, or the parts that interest you. We would also like to hear your feedback on the following topics in the draft strategy. Tell us what is important to you by clicking the relevant link below.

How can I take part?

We want to hear from all Victorians. There are many ways you can take part and share your views and experiences with us:

  • You can provide your feedback on the different topics or by region
  • You can complete a survey
  • You can make a submission.

Who is Infrastructure Victoria?

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent advisory body responsible for preparing a 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria. We encourage public debate and publish research on infrastructure needs, issues and preferences. Our work informs planning and proposes solutions to meet the needs of all Victorian communities.