The Victorian Government is developing a new state-wide youth strategy to make our state the best place to be for young people.

We are committed to creating a Victoria where all young people are healthy and safe, and empowered to contribute to the issues that affect them. We want every single young person to have equitable access to opportunities and support to participate fully in the social, economic and civic life of our state.

A new youth strategy for Victoria will give young people, organisations and the broader community opportunities to direct Government’s work in the youth space now and into the future.

We want to engage with young people and communities right across Victoria to build a strategy that will create real, meaningful change.

Think broadly about what matters most to you and to all young Victorians. Your feedback will play an important and influential role in the development of the strategy.

How to get involved

We are inviting you or your organisation to have your say by:

  • completing the online survey below
  • making a written submission to youth@dpc.vic.gov.au
  • tell us what you would do if you were Premier for a day below
  • Help us to build the ultimate HERO team, ready to solve issues and make Victoria the best place for young people
  • participating in a youth or community forum to be hosted online.

  • To register for a youth or community forum, and to find out more information about creative ways to contribute to the youth strategy, go to: yacvic.org.au/youth-strategy

    If you represent an organisation, we encourage you to share the youth strategy discussion paper and link to this page with your networks and/or the young people you work with so they can get involved.

    Consultation is open until Monday 14 December 2020.

    Make a written submission

    Please refer to the discussion paper for guidance in drafting your written submission and email to youth@dpc.vic.gov.au

    Translated Documents

    Please access translated versions of the summary of the discussion paper in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Hakha Chin and Karen here.
    Read the summary of the discussion paper in Arabic
    PDF (198.17 KB)

    Share your ideas

    If you were Premier for a day, what would you do?

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    18 October, 2020

    Sanamwahidi says:

    “I would allocate strategic planning and workshops that combat family violence affects on youth. I would create reform on environment.”

    17 October, 2020

    victor says:

    “If I was the premier today I would invest mostly in renewables to support a greener and more sustainable future.”

    15 October, 2020

    Brendon Agpasa says:

    “I am excited for activities at schools for past 13 years at ages of 5 to 18, then also we have disability services in Broadmeadows.”

    14 October, 2020

    qianli130 says:

    “Build a more inclusive and sustainable society.”

    14 October, 2020

    Kimmy says:

    “Create more cooperative projects run by young people and locals for a sustainable future and stable employments.”

    14 October, 2020

    Koko says:

    “make sure people experiencing homelessness get the support and financial aid that they need and deserve! ”

    12 October, 2020

    almaria says:

    “Upgrade our public bus system + reduce cars on roads Ask Victorians where they want bus routes and where they need to go It needs change”

    9 October, 2020

    EvaF says:

    “I would build solar panels along all major arterials around Vic/Aus, back to the grid. This would create jobs and help our environment. ”

    9 October, 2020

    VL says:

    “Affordable housing and improve access to mental health services (especially across Regional Victoria). ”

    8 October, 2020

    stuggit says:

    “expand public transport networks, fund state schools, move funding from police to those with the skills to properly handle domestic violence”

    8 October, 2020

    Lily Trotter says:

    “ Get better recycling facilities to reduce our waste and Landfill. Make healthier foods more affordable so people make better food choices”

    8 October, 2020

    Mitch Penrice says:

    “If i was Premier For a day i would take a portion of money to build apartments for the homeless. I would also try and make everyone equal. ”

    Privacy collection notice

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    More information about the Victorian Government’s privacy policy is available via: https://www.vic.gov.au/privacy-vic.gov.au.

    The information you provide will only be made available to staff in the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Equality and Youth Branch and may be used in working discussions with the Victorian Youth Congress, and other Victorian Government department’s working on the development of the youth strategy. The information provided in the submission of your survey will be collected for the purpose of:

    • Informing the development of the Victorian youth strategy.
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    • Informing the overall consultation findings to the Minister for Youth for the purposes of developing the youth strategy.

    By submitting this survey, you consent to the Department of Premier and Cabinet collecting any personal and sensitive information which you provide in your responses. The Department of Premier and Cabinet will also remove personal information where it is no longer required except where archiving is required and in compliance with the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

    The Department of Premier and Cabinet may do the following with your submission, after de-identifying your survey responses and submissions to the extent that this is practically possible:

    • Publish and or quote directly from your survey responses and submissions in the strategy or its appendices, which will be publicly available documents.
    • Make your responses available to other Victorian Government agencies.

    If your submission includes any information about racial or ethical membership, political association, philosophical beliefs and/or trade union or professional association, it is understood that you consent for us to collect this data.

    Identifying information includes names, address, business details, geographical location information, phone numbers or email addresses.

    You are entitled to access and correct your personal information. If you would like to access or correct the information you have provided to the department, please contact us by email at youth@dpc.vic.gov.au. In some cases, requests for personal information may be handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic).