Agent review update

We are pleased to let you know that the Independent Review into the management of complex claims in Victoria’s workers’ compensation scheme is complete.

The review received 72 survey responses, 79 written submissions and ran 44 consultation sessions with a wide range of people and organisations with interests in Victoria’s workers’ compensation scheme. 

Consultation has been invaluable and played a critical role in the development of recommendations. Peter Rozen QC (the reviewer) and the review team would like to thank all who participated for your very important contributions to the review.

Mr Rozen has delivered his final report and recommendations. Ms Ingrid Stitt MP, Minister for Workplace Safety, will review the final report and consider next steps for government. 

Online survey responses

We received survey responses from a wide range of people. Forty-seven per cent of survey responses came from injured workers and 17 per cent were from employers.

Pie chart showing respondent categories - see the table below

Respondent Percentage
Recipient of workers' compensation 47%
Professional working in the field 14%
person/family member/etc
Health practitioner 7%
Other 5%

What did your responses tell us?

  1. Fewer than 10 per cent of respondents agree that the current Victorian workers' compensation system provides individualised tailored support for injured workers.
  2. Responses suggested a need for more respectful communications and a 'health focused' claims management model, including:
    • ensuring people get the treatment they need, when they need it
    • better quality communications with workers and employers about return to work
    • key performance indicators focused on recover and return to life, rather than terminations.
  3. People had different views on who should perform claims management, however all respondents recommended change to how complex claims are currently managed.

You can view non-confidential survey responses below.

Publication of submissions and survey responses

Submissions and surveys are published below to encourage discussion and keep the community informed.

The views expressed in the submissions and surveys are those of the authors, and not the views of the reviewer or the Department of Justice and Community Safety. Publishing a submission or survey does not imply that the reviewer accepts or agrees with the views.

All submissions and surveys are published except those which were provided on a confidential basis, do not relate to the issues considered by the review or where the review has been unable to get confirmation to publish from the submission author.

Subject to some exceptions, the review has removed:

  • names of submission authors, addresses and phone numbers where these are not publicly available
  • names of any third party individuals
  • names of specific WorkSafe agents, scheme service providers and employers
  • claim numbers
  • information which is particularly sensitive or offensive.

The review reserves the right not to publish certain submissions or surveys or to remove information within a submission or survey.

This includes circumstances where the information is not relevant to the issues in question for the review or where there are privacy concerns about the information included.

Roundtable consultation

We ran ‘face-to-face’ consultation using videoconferencing throughout August 2020 to March 2021. These meetings were generally a roundtable format, bringing together a range of individuals and organisations with similar interests. We held consultations with:

  • injured workers
  • WorkSafe agents
  • employer representative peak bodies
  • unions and union peak bodies
  • medical and rehabilitation provider peak bodies
  • legal representative organisations and peak bodies
  • organisations involved in the dispute process (Accident Conciliation and Compensation Service, medical panels)
  • compensation schemes
  • academics and subject matter experts.

Collection notice

Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS) is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with Victorian privacy laws.

You are not required to provide any personal information in order to answer the survey or make a formal submission. If you submit your formal submission document using email you may be identifiable.

You can choose whether your submission is published on Engage Victoria. If you agree to have your submission published, please ensure that individuals are not identified in the content.

A summary of findings from submissions will be published in the reviewer’s report to the Minister in 2021. In this report, the reviewer may directly quote material from your submission. If you do not agree to have your submission published, we may refer to parts of your submission in the report but we will not name you or your organisation.

DJCS will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except where required to do so by law. You may contact DJCS to request access to any personal information you have provided to us by emailing In some cases, requests for personal information may be handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic).

For further information on how your personal information is handled please review the privacy policy of DJCS and Engage Victoria.