Who should participate in this survey?

Leadership in volunteering takes many forms, including the direct management of volunteers or programs; the strategic direction and governance of organisations; sector development and representation by peak bodies; research and advocacy; and the stewardship role that governments can play.

This survey is intended for anyone who has an interest in the strategic or operational leadership of volunteering, to seek feedback and a wide range of views on how best to support and strengthen volunteering into the future.

Please note: To help you answer questions 8 - 15 of this survey, it may be helpful to first read the Priorities for strengthening volunteering framework (available in the document library) that was developed by the former Ministerial Council for Volunteers in 2018.


About you

To help us understand the diverse needs of Victorians, please tell us a little about yourself.

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3. In what capacity are you providing feedback?
4. In your role, are you:
5. What type of organisation are you from?

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7. In providing feedback, what aspects of society are you (or your organisation) most interested in?

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Part one: Priorities for strengthening volunteering

In 2018, the former Ministerial Council for Volunteers published its Priorities for strengthening volunteering framework, which may provide a starting point for the development of the Volunteer Strategy.

8. To what extent do you a agree with the framework's proposed vision?
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10. The framework suggested nine priority areas of focus. Please choose your top five areas.

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  1. Leadership and governance - strategic recognition and support, and best practice management approaches #
  2. Innovation and technology - continuous adaptation to new technology and modern volunteer expectations #
  3. Collaboration and partnerships - effective partnerships and sharing strengths to maximise impact #

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13. Considering your above answers, which of these contributions from government do you think will best strengthen volunteering into the future?
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Part two: Volunteer management

The following questions are optional and are intended for people who manage or coordinate volunteer effort, and/or are leaders or community groups and organisations.

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16. What do you think are the top 3 attitudes needed for a good leader?

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17. What are your professional development needs?
18. Where do you currently go for support?
19. In your opinion, how important are outcomes and evaluating impact?
20. Does your organisation evaluate outcomes, or the impacts of your volunteering programs?
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Final thought

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