Proposed changes for Lighting Activities under VEU

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program has been highly successful at providing Victorian households and businesses with high efficiency lighting solutions and encouraging transformation in the lighting industry. Victorian consumers have greatly benefited from the highly efficient LED lighting products that have been installed using incentives provided by the program.

With changes in Victoria’s lighting market – including decreasing unit costs, consumer demands, economies of scale and new standards from 2020 – there is a need to review the incentives provided through the program.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has released an Issues Paper seeking your views on proposed changes to lighting activities in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. The scope of the paper covers Part 21 (incandescent lighting), Part 27 (public lighting), Part 34 (building based lighting) and Part 35 (non-building based lighting) activities.

The Issues Paper proposes to remove J6 lighting upgrade activities (used where a building upgrade requires a building permit) from Part 34, and mercury vapour lamps from the baseline calculations for Part 27, Part 34 and Part 35. This will ensure that the program incentives are aligned with new requirements being introduced from mid-2020 for the National Construction Code and to address the impact of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

The Issues Paper also proposes changes to Part 21 and Part 34 and outlines two options for phasing down these activities:

  • Option 1 includes an initial reduction in incentives for certain lighting activities prior to the removal of some activities (at February 2021)
  • Option 2 maintains the level of incentives but with an earlier date for removal of some activities (at October 2020).

*Note: The release date for the Department’s response to consultation on the Lighting Issues Paper has been revised to April 2020. The Department is considering a significant amount of feedback on the timing of any changes to incentives for lighting. Any changes to the Specifications will not take place earlier than six months following the response to consultation.

Have your say

The Department invites you to comment on the proposed changes. Submissions can be made here and are open until 31 January 2020. Submissions can also be sent to or posted to:

Energy Demand, Programs and Safety

Victorian Energy Upgrades Consultation 2019

PO Box 500, East Melbourne, VIC, 3002

The following questions may be useful to consider as part of your submission:

  • Which of the proposed lighting changes are most relevant to you?
  • Does the Lighting Issues Paper accurately reflect your experience and address issues you have experienced?
  • What are your views on the relative merits of options 1 and 2 for phase out of Part 21 and Part 34 activities?
  • General comments on the proposed changes and discussion points contained in the Issues Paper.