The Community Innovation Grant Program provides funding to African community organisations and community groups based in Victoria to deliver innovative community projects which support the inclusion and participation of Victoria’s African communities.

The program aims to support Victoria’s African communities to have a strong sense of belonging, connection and inclusion.

The Community Innovation Grant Program is a competitive grant program administered by Multicultural Affairs Division, Department of Premier and Cabinet.


The objectives of the program are to:

» support Victorian African community organisations and community groups to deliver innovative projects that meet the needs of Victoria’s African communities,

» support the inclusion and participation of Victoria’s African communities, and

» promote social cohesion and community harmony in Victoria through innovative, African community-led projects.

Applicants from regional areas of Victoria, first-time applicants and newly arrived community groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Additional consideration will be given to projects that seek to support the inclusion and participation of people from African communities who may face additional barriers, for example, young people, women, seniors, and people with a disability.

Available funding

» Small Grants - $5,000 – 20,000

» Major Grants* - $20,001 to $50,000 (excl. GST).

* Organisations are encouraged, wherever possible, to match the funding being requested. Matched funding can include in-kind support.

How to apply

You must attach and submit all supporting documentation with your application, or your application will be considered ineligible and will not be assessed.

Submit your application by 7 February 2020. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information, or help with your application, contact the Community Grants Team by emailing: VACAP@dpc.vic.gov.au

Funding Guidelines

African community-led organisations in Victoria may submit applications, provided they are one of the following entity types:

  1. incorporated associations (incorporated under state legislation, commonly have ‘Association’ or ‘Incorporated’ or ‘Inc.’ in their legal name);
  2. incorporated cooperatives (also incorporated under state legislation, commonly have ‘Cooperative’ in their legal name); and
  3. a not-for-profit entity registered under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic).

Organisations must also have:

  • a current Australian Business Number (ABN), and
  • no outstanding accountability reports or final reports required for any Multicultural Affairs funded grants.

Please email VACAP@dpc.vic.gov.au if you are unsure if your organisation is up to date.

Community groups or applicants that are not incorporated or do not have an ABN may apply if they are supported by an eligible auspice organisation that has agreed to manage the grant on their behalf.

Only one application will be considered per organisation or community group.

  • State and federal government departments and agencies
  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Fixed Trusts
  • Local Government Authorities (however LGAs can act as an auspice for an unincorporated community group)
  • Political parties and organisations

Your project must be ready to start by April 2020 and be finished no later than 31 May 2021. After that date, grant payments will cease.

Your application must:

  • come from an eligible organisation (see ‘Who is eligible to apply?’)
  • clearly address one or more of the Community Innovation Grant Program objectives
  • meet a community need, have undergone sufficient planning and be ready to proceed
  • clearly show how the project will be completed before 31 May 2021; and
  • include all relevant supporting documentation.

Support will not be given for the following:

  • funding for competitions, commercial or fundraising activities
  • funding to support interstate or international travel or to support people or organisations from overseas to visit Victoria
  • retrospective funding for activities or equipment that has already taken place, been purchased or has been contracted to be purchased
  • funding to supplement the recurrent or ongoing costs of an organisation including for wages and training
  • funds for organisations that are primarily political or religious in nature
  • applications from ineligible applicants
  • applications that do not address the Community Innovation Grant Program objectives and assessment criteria
  • applications that are not complete
  • applications that are not submitted on time.

Eligible applications will be assessed against the program objectives, eligibility requirements and assessment criteria.

Applicants will be required to provide responses to the assessment criteria and submit a budget and workplan.

Applications will be assessed by a panel that includes representatives from the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Victorian African Communities Action Plan Implementation Committee.

The final decision will be made by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. Once a decision has been made, you will be advised if your application has been successful or not.

It is anticipated that there will be strong competition for the funding available.

If successful, the amount of funding you receive may be less than the amount requested in the application. You may be asked to revise your budget and project in line with the funding offered.

Why Is this project or activity needed?

The application clearly demonstrates the link between the proposed activity and a community need.

What will the project or activity achieve?

The application demonstrates:

  • how the activity will support the program objectives
  • the expected outcomes of the activity.

Who is involved?

The application demonstrates the extent to which the proposed activity:

  • will reach the target audience/s
  • engages priority groups such as women, young people, people with a disability and regional and rural communities
  • is led by African community organisations or community groups.

How will the project or activity be delivered?

The application demonstrates the extent to which the activity or project:

  • will be designed by, and appropriate for, Victoria’s African communities
  • is ready to proceed and supported by a clear plan and realistic timeframes
  • is based on sound cost estimates and represents value for money.

How will you measure the success of this project?

The application demonstrates the extent to which information will be collected to measure whether the initiative or project has met its objectives and the intended change has taken place.

Documentation to attach to your application

  • A Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million for any one occurrence.
  • A letter of support from an auspice organisation, if your organisation is being auspiced by another organisation.

The Community Innovation Grant Program is a discretionary, merit-based grant program. All decisions by the Department of Premier and Cabinet or Minister for Multicultural Affairs in relation to any aspect of the funding application and assessment process, including any decision to offer or award a grant under this program, or to withdraw the offer or cancel the grant funding agreement, are final.

Successful applicants will be paid, based on completion of project milestones and deliverables. The final financial milestone will not be processed until all requirements outlined in the agreement, including the final report, are completed to our satisfaction. Items purchased should provide benefits to the specified community for a minimum of five years.

Taxation requirements

Applicants are generally expected to provide an Australian Business Number. GST payments may be made to an organisation based on an assessment of approved activities. Grants to organisations not registered for GST may be made on a GST exclusive basis. All project budgets should be submitted exclusive of GST.

Payment of grant funds

Grant funds will be paid in line with the approved project plan and milestones outlined in the Funding Agreement. Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Milestone payments are made once deliverables are met, in line with the Funding Agreement.

Funding acknowledgement

Government contributions to the project must be acknowledged in any relevant publication, promotional material, or news releases. Successful organisations will be advised of these requirements.

Your Legal Responsibilities

If you apply for a grant you must ensure that the activity that is the focus of your application complies with relevant legislations, regulations, by-laws, mandatory codes and requirements of any Commonwealth, State, Territory or Local Authority. It is your responsibility to be aware of laws and protocols that regulate the way you must conduct your work.

Insurance requirements

Public liability insurance, and any other insurance category appropriate to the activities of the proposed project are the responsibility of the applicant.

Our Funding Agreement

If successful, you must enter a Victorian Common Funding Agreement (VCFA) with the Department.

This agreement will outline:

  • the terms and conditions for the grant, and
  • all reporting requirements.

Successful applicants have 60 business days (only) from the Offer of Funding to submit the VCFA. If you do not think you can return the VCFA in this time, immediately contact the Community Participation Team to discuss. Organisations who miss the deadline, risk losing the offer of funding.

You must begin your project within three months of the Letter of Offer – or else the funding may be withdrawn (unless an alternative arrangement is pre-negotiated and pre-approved). Funding is only for the financial year in which it is allocated in the VCFA and will not be carried forward or be available for incomplete project activities in following financial years.

Grant guidelines

For download, please find below a pdf copy of the community innovation grant program guidelines
Funding Guidelines
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Funding Guidelines
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Download the Workplan

Please download the workplan form, complete it and upload it in the form below
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About You

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You can download the workplan from the document library above

About your auspice organisation

Community groups or applicants that are not incorporated or do not have an ABN may apply if they are supported by an eligible auspice organisation that has agreed to manage the grant on their behalf. To be eligible; a letter of support from the auspice organisation must accompany your application. This letter should include a statement of what the auspice organisation will do to support the planning and implementation of your project, noting that if your application is successful, your auspice may receive a fee equivalent to 10% -15% of the value of the grant to your group.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Privacy collection notice

DPC is committed to protecting your privacy.

The information you share with us will be confidential, and it will not be published, ensuring that your anonymity is preserved. Such information will be held by DPC and only used for the purpose of this grant.

Any information you do provide will be held by DPC in accordance with DPC's Privacy Policy as well as Engage Victoria's Privacy Policy.

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