Mildura PSA would like to thank our community for providing valuable responses to our recent Safety Survey. As we outlined, your input has been analysed and moving forward will greatly assist us in providing the service that you wish to see. Our commitment will include increases in foot patrols, road patrols, bike patrols and plain clothes/plain vehicle patrols and responses. Some concerns raised also sit with other agencies including Council and our Health agencies so we will ensure that they are aware of your concerns too. We all work collaboratively together in supporting safety and addressing local concerns. Victoria Police is committed to supporting safety for our community so again we thank you for providing us with this valuable information.

Inspector Michelle Young – Local Area Commander

The results

The results are in and the community has identified their:

Top three community safety concerns are:

1. Alcohol and other drugs

2. Safety of my property and possessions

3. Mental health issues

Top three ideas to improve community safety are:

1. More police foot patrols

2. More police road patrols

3. More police work in community sectors.

What’s next for local police in Mildura?

Local police have heard your feedback and will be implementing what has been raised with increased police visible presence. To stay up to date join us on the Mildura Eyewatch page, where we will be providing regular updates on our community safety response.