Goldfields Police Service Area members are striving to provide a police service to keep our communities safe; be pro-active & responsive, visible, flexible, engaging and address community’s needs.

We’re asking residents of the Goldfields, Mount Alexander and Loddon communities to let us know about your thoughts on key safety ideas and confidence in your local police. The survey will give residents a greater voice in Victoria Police’s ongoing efforts to create a safer Victoria and shape police engagement in your area.

"Your local police officers are dedicated to work with you in ensuring your safety. Through this survey, you have the opportunity to tell us what is bothering you in the community, what makes you feel safe or unsafe. Capturing pieces of information and piecing them together ultimately keeps us all safe. Join the hundreds of other people in having your say and help us develop local solutions for local challenges."

-Acting Superintendent Donna Mitchell


If your require this information in an alternative format, please contact PRIORITYCOMMUNITIESDIVISION-SERVICEDELIVERY-OIC@police.vic.gov.au.