The Visioner - a great idea generator

Best used sparingly, the Visioner tool provides a visual, short-format engagement activity. A single prompting question asks users to respond in 160 characters or less, and the comment is displayed as a virtual ‘post-it’ note.

User comments are then displayed publically for other users to see.

Filters allow contributions to be sorted by the user, based on a number of different dimensions.

The activity can also be made social with the ability for other users to up-vote or down-vote user contributions.

So whats your big idea?

<p>The Visioner tool is great for: </p><p>▪ Collecting short, sharp qualitative contributions from users.</p><p>▪ Better understanding the community’s thoughts about a specific location.</p><p>▪ Providing a social dimension where users can vote on other user comments.</p><p>▪ When looking to categorise feedback.</p> (max 140 characters).

15 April, 2019

tom.wright says:

“Would like to use the tool for an VPS innovation meeting - results will be shared with VPS staff. Theme is increasing innovation in VPS”