The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is supporting emerging energy industries so that Victoria is at the forefront of the transition to clean energy.

The Victorian Hydrogen Investment Program (VHIP) develops the potential for green hydrogen technologies to grow.

The VHIP is informed by the growing expertise of industry, academics and communities, as well as drawing on previous experience and best practice both locally and internationally.

The Green Hydrogen Discussion Paper is designed to inform the VHIP by building on the information received through the market testing Request for Industry Submissions process undertaken in early 2019. It sets out issues and poses questions designed to help guide submissions that will contribute to the development of a Victorian Green Hydrogen Industry Development Plan.

Submissions to this discussion paper containing additional information and issues contained beyond the scope of the set questions posed in this discussion paper will be considered in the development of the Green Hydrogen Industry Development Plan.

Information gathered through this process will inform the development of Victorian Government policy.

Making a submission

You are encouraged to make a submission on any or all the matters raised in this discussion paper.

Submissions will be published online, may be shared with the National Hydrogen Strategy taskforce or used to inform the development of future DELWP energy strategy and policy.

If you do not wish to have your submission published, or do not wish to have your submission shared with the National Hydrogen Strategy taskforce, please select the relevant check-box prior to submitting.

For inquiries about the submission process, please contact emerging.energy@delwp.vic.gov.au.

  • What are the greatest opportunities for investment and employment in hydrogen?
  • What is Victoria’s competitive advantage in relation to capitalising on an emerging hydrogen economy?
  • What lessons can Victoria learn from the global hydrogen agenda and international experience to date?
  • Geographically, where are the most significant clusters for this investment, employment and production?
  • What are the skills and training requirements needed to grow Victoria’s hydrogen industry?
  • What are the challenges to developing a hydrogen economy in Victoria?
  • Who are the critical stakeholders needed to support a Victorian hydrogen economy?
  • What does a supportive regulatory environment for a sustainable hydrogen industry look like?
  • Are there barriers to achieving a social licence for hydrogen to operate? What does the Victorian Government need to consider in addressing these?
  • What role can hydrogen play in Victoria’s energy system into the future? Are there limits to the role hydrogen can play in Victoria’s energy mix?
  • What does the Victorian Government need to consider attracting investment in the hydrogen supply chain in Victoria?
  • What is the best way for the Victorian Government to support hydrogen R&D, pilot projects and demonstrations? Are there any we should prioritise?
  • What possible uses for hydrogen offer greatest benefit to Victoria?
  • What is the level of hydrogen transport infrastructure needed in Victoria and where are the priority areas for infrastructure and Victorian Government policy (e.g. procurement)?
  • What are the considerations for business and consumers in purchasing a new type of vehicle, such as hydrogen or battery electric vehicle?
  • Other than cost and technology barriers, what factors help current and potential users of hydrogen in commercial and industrial settings decide how to procure hydrogen? How could the Victorian Government assist commercial and industrial businesses switch to green hydrogen for chemical feedstock and/or heating?
  • What other issues does the Victorian Government need to consider in developing an Industry Development Plan?

Make a submission

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