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In November 2019, the Victorian Government commissioned a major review of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and vocational education and training (VET) delivered to school students to ensure that all Victorian secondary school students have access to high-quality vocational and applied learning options.

The Review was asked to make recommendations to reform VCAL and VET delivered to school students to improve access and transitions for students between school, post-secondary education and work.

The Review was led by John Firth, former CEO of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

The Review included an extensive consultation process.

Outcomes of the Review

The final report of the Review was released on 24 November 2020 and offers a transformative vision for vocational and applied learning in Victorian schools.

Key recommendations include:

  • Victoria should move to an integrated senior secondary certificate, with a new vocational pathway embedded in the VCE. This pathway will replace the existing standalone VCAL certificate. This will give students the chance to develop both academic and practical skills.
  • A new Foundation Pathways Certificate should be created to formally recognise the skills and achievements of students who are not ready to complete Year 12. This will support those students to make successful post-school transitions. This will be particularly important for students with a disability and additional needs, and for students experiencing personal challenges.
  • Vocational and VET training should be more closely aligned with Victoria’s growth sectors and local industry needs. This training should be available to every senior secondary student.
  • All students who fully or partially complete vocational and applied learning subjects should receive an enhanced Statement of Results to provide a full picture of their strengths, capabilities and achievements when they finish school.
  • Schools should receive more support to deliver vocational and applied learning. This can be achieved through improving the capability of teachers and reducing operational and administrative burdens on schools.

The Victorian Government has supported in principle all of the Review recommendations.

Read the final report of the Review, the Government's response to the Review, and further information about investments being made to support the first stage in implementing the recommendations of the Review.

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