Using data better in Victoria

Consultation closed on 31 August 2017.

The Victorian Government collects a lot of data when serving the needs of Victorians. This includes data about education and health, to data about our communities, business, employment, infrastructure, and the environment. There is an opportunity to better use this data to improve policy making and services.

Increasingly, governments across Australia, including Victoria, see the value and potential in making better use of the data it collects. This view is supported by the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Data Availability and Use, which found Australia is losing out on the potential opportunities of using data better.

The Victorian Government is responding to the challenge of using data better by:

  • setting up the Victorian Centre for Data Insights (VCDI) to improve the way we share and use data within government
  • developing new laws that clearly set out how data can be responsibly shared across government, with strong protections to maintain privacy and data security.

The VCDI will lead projects which show the value of sharing data across government to make better decisions. This follows initiatives in New South Wales and South Australia, who have already established similar data centres and laws.

Once the new laws are finalised, we will share the details with you.

What we’d like to hear from you

As we set up the VCDI and the laws to support what we do, we want to understand:

  • the key things we should focus on when setting up this new data sharing framework
  • how we can build your trust when using your data
  • your priority areas for using data to improve services.
From what perspective are you providing feedback?
1. What are the key things we should focus on when setting up this new data sharing framework (including new laws) that will make sure we do this in the right way?

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2. Having your trust when using your data is important to us. What can the VCDI do to build your trust?

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3. Which areas do you think the VCDI should focus our projects on?

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