The Essential Services Commission updated the Compliance and Performance Reporting Guideline for energy businesses to strengthen protection for consumers and sought your feedback on these updates.

The Compliance and Performance Reporting Guideline describes the information energy retailers and distributors need to report to us on how they are performing and whether they are complying with their obligations. When an energy business does not comply with an obligation in the guideline, they must report this breach to us and start corrective actions.

We published a draft decision paper and an updated Compliance and Performance Reporting Guideline on 13 September 2021 and invited submissions until 25 October 2021.

Submissions to this review are now closed.

Key facts

We have updated the Compliance and Performance Reporting Guideline to reflect these reforms.

We have reviewed the:

  • classification of obligations on energy businesses to better reflect the harm or potential harm that could be caused to a consumer if a business did not comply with those obligations, and
  • reporting timeframes for each classification of obligations on energy businesses to make it clear what can be expected if there has been a breach.

How to participate

Stakeholders could provide feedback on this page by using our feedback form to:

  • provide general comments
  • complete a short survey, or
  • upload submission documents.

This feedback will help us understand what is important to you in relation to this decision. As part of our engagement we also met with the sector to work through any implementation issues.

Next steps

We will consider your feedback as we finalise the compliance and performance reporting framework.

Collection notice

As part of making a submission, we need you to provide personal information, such as your name, email address, town of residence and postcode. We may use this information to send you updates about this review. We may also collect personal information when you contact us with a query. Aside from any exceptions in relevant privacy legislation, we will not use or disclose the information you provide for any purpose other than to progress and respond to your query. You have the right to access personal information we hold about you. We may ask you to pay a small fee for this. You can also request that we correct your personal information in our records at no charge by contacting communication@esc.vic.gov.au.

We will publish your submission

Unless you tell us otherwise we will publish your submission the on the Essential Services Commission website. This process may involve publishing your personal information (your name, not your address). We generally do not accept anonymous submissions. If you have concerns about your identity being made public, please consider making your submission confidential rather than submitting it anonymously.

Requesting confidentiality

If you believe your submission contains information that should be confidential or commercially sensitive you must let us know why in writing. If we agree the information is confidential or commercially sensitive you will need to provide us two copies – one complete and one redacted version (preserving page numbers etc by not simply deleting information). If you make your submission public (e.g. by giving it to the media) we will assume confidentiality no longer applies and publish the unredacted version.

Read more information about our submissions policy.

About us

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