This section of the trail will be approximately 15km long.

From Lily Pond Bushland Reserve the walk will pass under the Great Ocean Road via the existing tunnel and follow the Lorne foreshore to the road crossing near Hird St. From here it will follow the existing trail from the southern end of Lorne into the hinterland beyond the St. Georges River trailhead to meet the Allenvale trailhead.

The trail will then head approx 6km towards the coast and Sheoak Falls, where a new lookout (#3) is proposed. From Sheoak Falls it is approx 3.4km to a new junction where walkers will continue along a new trail to Cumberland River.

Alternatively, walkers can continue to the third (and longest) suspension bridge.

The page discussing trail section 4 will explore the potential for Cumberland River to become a focal point for the walk. The new trail leading to the third suspension bridge is also discussed more on that page.

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Map showing the route for trail section 3 from Lily Pond Reserve to Cumberland River

Map showing trail section 3