This section of the trail will be approximately 8.5km long.

Section 4 of the walk will start at the Cumberland River car park and follow the 'medium loop' described below. After crossing suspension bridge #5, the trail will head west, descending to Jamieson Creek.

Cumberland River will be the trail's focal point for a variety of walkers, including those who:

  • Have walked from Lorne (or beyond) and are looking for a break or overnight stay, or a lift back to Lorne.
  • Want to traverse the steeper loop trail to Jamieson campground and beyond (or back to Cumberland River).
  • Want to walk one of the shorter loops and visit new lookouts and suspension bridges.

Alternatively, walkers will be able to bypass Cumberland River entirely and continue from Sheoak Falls to Jamieson Creek via the proposed suspension bridge #3.

Loop walk options from Cumberland River will include:

1. Short loop, 5.4km - This loop will start at the Cumberland River car park and climb directly to Castle Rock via a new trail. Just past Castle Rock, the trail will cross over the Cumberland River on the longest proposed suspension bridge (#3) of almost 500m that will span to Langdale Pike. At the western end of the bridge, walkers would descend northward via a new section of trail back down to the river.

2. Medium loop, 6.9km - This loop will also start at the Cumberland River car park, climbing to Castle Rock via the new 'short loop'. Walkers will turn left after crossing the first suspension bridge, rather than right. They will cross a suspension bridge (#4) and make their way towards the summit of Mt Defiance. Suspension bridge (#5), perched above Mt Defiance will be crossed before the loop heads east along the ridge, and back down to the Cumberland River car park.

3. Long loop, 16km – Walkers on the third loop walk will head all the way to Jamieson River (i.e. Section 4) and then return to Cumberland River along the beach.

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Please note that questions relating to Jamieson Creek are on the Section 5: Jamieson Creek to Wye River page.

Map showing the route for trail section 4 from Cumberland River to Jamieson Creek

Map showing trail section 2