We recently hosted a Towards Zero Road Safety Forum in your region.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us about your local issues and solutions, if you couldn’t attend in person or you have further comments after attending a forum. Your knowledge is important and will help us develop Victoria’s next road safety strategy.

At the forums we asked people to contribute their thoughts and ideas on how we can improve road safety under the following areas. Below are a few of the key themes that we have heard so far under each area:

Making places safer for pedestrians and cyclists

Making roads safer for motorcycle riders

Road design, infrastructure and signage

Setting speed limits that are safe and appropriate for the roads and weather conditions

Safer speeds through road work zones

Safer speeds near emergency services

Safer speeds in busy areas

New vehicle technology such as auto emergency braking, interlocks, semi autonomous vehicles

Vehicle crashworthiness

Usability of new vehicle technologies

Age of vehicles on the road

The choices people make when walking, cycling, riding and driving

This could include:

- distraction

- obeying road rules

- the speed people choose to travel at

- drug and alcohol consumption

We want to hear what you have to say:
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Within the next 30 years, which of the following do you think can be achieved?
Do you think Victoria should aim for no one to be killed or seriously injured on the roads?
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The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

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