We've placed the buildings on the site in a way that lets us keep as many of the existing mature native trees as possible.

The shape and placement of all buildings maximises sunlight into homes and gardens.

The building height increases from 2 storeys in the north, to 6 storeys in the south.
This is in response to the character and height of neighbouring buildings.

The design has:

  • 1 social housing building with secure parking
  • 1 affordable housing building with car parking underneath
  • 1 group of affordable townhouses

The outside of the buildings have a refined level of detail and elegance, while maintaining robustness.

All apartments will get wide balconies with large windows to all rooms.


The park between buildings TA2 and TA3 will have a picnic shelter, new trees, play and a communal public open space.

The park between building TA2 and the school will have a picnic shelter, new trees, communal and private open spaces with garden beds.

We'll create a link between the on-site park and the neighbouring school garden, subject to agreement from the school.

The communal open space outside building TA2 is accessible for all residents.
It has seating, an open lawn and gardens.
Trees will provide shade.

The residential court between the townhouses of building TA1 will be covered with overhead planting to provide shady spots and a sense of enclosure.

The communal podium garden of building TA3 will include gardens, seating, lawn and picnic shelters.

Social play

The paved spaces between the townhouses are designed to encourage social interaction between neighbours and children's play.

The well-lit covered space in front of building TA2 is designed to encourage social interaction between neighbours. There's furniture and a BBQ.

The playground between buildings TA2 and TA3 has equipment with soft surfaces.

We're creating a landscaped area with raised planter beds for community gardening and relaxation on the east side of building TA3.