A new substation will be built in St Albans, after a review of existing train power supply - and future transport needs along the Sunbury Line - showed that we needed more power in the area.

We are building the new substation next to the train line at the intersection of Willaton and Bent streets, St Albans. Several locations were assessed against the requirements for a substation site including the size and configuration, proximity to the rail lines and existing rail infrastructure. This location on Willaton Street allows us to install the new rail infrastructure with minimal disruption to underground utilities found in the local area.


We are seeking feedback on the updated proposed design for the new substation that will be built on Willaton Street, St Albans.

What we heard in 2020

The St Albans community was invited to provide feedback on the overall look and feel of the new substation, as well as colours, materials, screening and landscaping options that could be used in the design.

The community asked for a more natural design using materials and colours that would blend into the environment, rather than a bold design that did not prioritise planting and vegetation. Responses also requested well-maintained features that will blend into the local area.

Using the collated community feedback, the substation building and surrounding landscaping designs have been refined to focus on:

  • Quality landscaping and planting using a variety of indigenous species and decorative plants from the local environment
  • Increasing screening of the substation using trees and plants
  • Using more natural colours and materials for the external elements of the substation building to ensure it fits within the environment
  • an abstract landscape pattern to assist the decorative screen to blend into the local context
  • Reusing removed tree materials such as branches to provide habitat for local wildlife
  • The use of feature volcanic rocks to highlight the geology of the local area.

Provide your feedback on the updated designs

In response to the community feedback provided, we’ve progressed the design of the substation and landscaping.

You’re invited to let us know if you like the updates we’ve made. Your comments will help us complete the designs and we expect to have final artist impressions of the substation ready for viewing by the community, prior to construction commencing in mid-2021.

To share your feedback, complete our survey below by 5pm Sunday 28 February 2021.

Artist impressions