Power modelling, a process that simulates the requirements of bigger, more modern trains, identified the need for a substation in Willaton Street, St Albans to provide a necessary boost to infrastructure in the area to meet future transport needs. The substation is being built on land set aside for rail purposes, next to the rail corridor on the intersection of Bent and Willaton streets.

This location was selected as the most appropriate of several assessed for suitability for a substation. Considerations included the size and layout of the site, proximity to the rail line and existing rail infrastructure, the capacity to install future rail infrastructure with minimal disruption, and possibility of minimising any impact on the Willaton Street, St Albans community.


  • November 2020 – Community consultation begins
  • 6 December 2020 – Community consultation closes
  • February 2021 – Willaton Street, St Albans updated substation design available for feedback
  • Mid 2021 –Site establishment and preparations for construction begin
  • Late 2021 – Substation construction begins
  • 2022 – Project completion

This timeline is subject to change according to the finalised construction program.


As part of the project design, we’re seeking feedback on our early concept design for the new electrical substation. To further develop the design, we want to hear from the Willaton Street, St Albans community about what you value about your local area. You can share your ideas about aspects of the proposed design via the survey below.

Provide your feedback

You’re invited to give feedback on aspects of the Willaton Street, St Albans substation designs, including overall look, feel, and materials.

Your feedback will be used to help us refine the design of the substation building. Once feedback has been received, we expect to have updated designs of the substation building for viewing by early 2021.

To share your feedback, complete our survey by 5pm Sunday 6 December 2020.

Filling out this survey will help us: 

  • better understand the characteristics of the Willaton Street, St Albans area  
  • understand what is important to you about the substation design  
  • refine the design by selecting materials and colours   
  • gather your ideas on how we can improve the design  
  • understand how we can best communicate with you.