A new Suburban Rail Loop underground train station at Monash is proposed to be located north of Monash University, improving access to world-class education, health and research facilities and providing important transport connections to the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster.

The new station at Monash will connect more people to the largest employment and innovation hub outside Melbourne’s CBD. The precinct is home to globally recognised medical and research facilities, including CSIRO and the Australian Synchrotron, and Australia’s largest university, Monash University.

The Suburban Rail Loop station at Monash is proposed to be built underground adjacent to Monash University, providing students, employees and visitors to the precinct with a direct train connection for the first time. Construction would be staged to reduce impacts and maintain access to education, medical, research and community facilities in the area. Works would also involve tunnelling activities to link the new station at Monash to the rest of Stage One.

You can read more about the proposed techniques to build the stations and tunnels in the Building Suburban Rail Loop: Stage One fact sheet (PDF, 3.76 MB).

A range of investigations and assessments will consider the potential environmental effects on the Monash precinct. Specialist studies in this area will assess ecological values, soil and ground conditions, traffic and transport impacts, as well as land use and amenity impacts associated with the station infrastructure.

These investigations and assessments will guide the development of mitigation and management measures and inform any subsequent approvals or conditions on the project. This information, along with inputs from community and stakeholders, will help us shape the design and construction of the new stations.

More information on the planning and environmental assessment process is available in the Planning and environmental assessment: Stage One fact sheet (PDF, 509.72 KB).

We want your feedback to help us inform investigations and assessments in the Monash precinct. Answer the survey to let us know what’s important to consider when designing the station in this area and the impacts that concern you the most.

This map shows the new Suburban Rail Loop underground train station at Monash, proposed to be located north of Monash University.