Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East will involve the construction of a 26-kilometre twin-tunnel and standalone line that will fully integrate into our existing public transport network with new underground stations at Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill.

The tunnels for SRL East will be approximately 60 metres at the deepest point, the equivalent of a 16-storey building.

Tunnelling will involve the latest technology including custom-built tunnel boring machines (TBMs). These giant machines are lowered underground in sections to be assembled at purpose-built launch sites. Powerful rotating cutterheads at the front burrow through soil and rock to create the new tunnel. The excavated material is either carried through the machine via a conveyer and transported above ground or pumped out through a pipe to the surface for safe disposal.

TBM launch sites are proposed at the train stabling facility in Heatherton, and at Monash and Burwood. These sites are needed to support tunnelling activities. Different machines and excavation techniques will be used to support tunnelling works, with a focus on minimising disruption for local residents and businesses.

An extensive geological and site investigation program is underway across SRL East. Information gathered from these investigations is being used to understand local ground conditions and to inform design and construction methods.

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