Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) will be built as a separate rail line, meaning it will use state-of-the-art systems from around the world without having to retrofit technology into the existing network.

Rail systems will include the design of signalling, train power control systems and operational control systems for the new trains and standalone railway line.

SRL East require a range of supporting infrastructure including:

  • An intervention and ventilation facility in Mount Waverley to provide ventilation, emergency service access, and a passenger emergency exit point to the surface from the tunnels.
  • A power supply substation in Burwood to provide power to run the trains and operate the rail tunnels and underground stations.
  • A purpose-built stabling facility and substation in Heatherton used for train storage and maintenance and an operational control centre.

We want to hear from you

We want your feedback to help us inform investigations and assessments for the supporting infrastructure required for SRL East. Answer the intervention and ventilation, power supply substation and stabling facility surveys to let us know what’s important to consider in planning and design, and the impacts that concern you the most.

Intervention and ventilation facility survey

Have your say: SRL East intervention and ventilation facility

An intervention and ventilation facility will be built at Mount Waverley, near High Street Road and Elm Grove. This facility will provide fresh air ventilation into the tunnels and an emergency access and exit point to the surface.

This facility will be similar to emergency service access points that currently exist in the City Loop. It will be essential to the safe operation of SRL East, serving several important purposes:

  • Ventilation – supplying fresh air to the tunnels to keep temperatures comfortable and provide cooling around trains
  • Smoke extraction – in an emergency, extraction fans will operate to keep evacuation routes free from smoke
  • Emergency access – providing access for emergency services to the tunnels in the event of an incident
  • Emergency evacuation – enabling passengers to be guided safely out of the tunnels to the surface.

Designed as a vertical above ground building, the approximate size of a two-storey house, the facility will connect to the tunnels incorporating a central lift and intervention stairwells for emergency access. The facility will also house fans and equipment to regulate the temperature in the tunnels and allow for smoke to be extracted in the event of a fire.

The facility will be built to minimise impact from plant and equipment at surface level with the outside appearance of the building, including permanent structures and landscaping, designed to reflect the character of the area.

Work to build the intervention and ventilation facility at Mount Waverley will involve:

  • Site establishment and demolition
  • Excavating a vertical shaft to the tunnels below
  • Construction of internal vent shaft structures including floors and access
  • Construction of an above ground building, electrical fitout and landscaping.

We want your feedback to help us inform planning and design for the new intervention and ventilation facility. Answer the survey to let us know what’s important to consider when designing the facility and the impacts that concern you the most.

Power supply substation survey

Have your say: Stage One power supply substation

A power supply substation will be built at Burwood, near Highbury Road and Sinnott Street. This is an integral part of Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop for construction and to deliver a constant source of power to operate the new trains, signals and communication equipment when the new network becomes operational.

Several sites were considered against a range of criteria including engineering design, tunnel operation requirements, proximity to the tunnel alignment and the proposed location of the new Suburban Rail Loop station at Burwood, availability of suitable land, the environment and minimising private property acquisition.

The design will involve an above-ground building, approximately the size of a two-storey house, for the substation and electrical equipment, and cable connections from the substation to the station area.

The substation will be positioned within a secure compound and include a parking area for one or two maintenance vehicles.

The substation will be designed to minimise impact, with future engagement to seek feedback on proposed treatments, materials and landscaping options.

Work to build the power supply substation at Burwood will involve:

  • Removing existing buildings
  • Installing conduits and cables from the substation site to the station construction site
  • Building above-ground components
  • Installing electrical equipment.

We want your feedback to help us inform planning and design for the new power supply substation. Answer the survey to let us know what’s important to consider when designing the substation and the impacts that concern you the most.

Stabling survey

Have your say: Stage One stabling facility

A stabling facility is required near the start of the line for the maintenance of trains and to allow Suburban Rail Loop services to begin efficiently each day. This is critical to providing a ‘turn-up-and-go’ train service for passengers across the Suburban Rail Loop network.

The site identified for Suburban Rail Loop’s dedicated stabling is at Heatherton, bordered by Old Dandenong and Kingston Roads. This site will be subject to further planning, design and ground investigations. We are seeking input from the community as part of this process.

Your feedback is important to us and will be used to help inform the planning and design process. Depending on how much feedback you would like to offer, this survey should take around 15 minutes to complete.

Please provide your feedback by completing the following survey.