Please provide a response to the survey below if you, someone in your family or someone you care for requires life support equipment. We want to understand your experience dealing with energy companies as part of our review of how Victorian electricity and gas retailers and distributors should protect customers who require life support equipment.

Energy customers who require life support equipment survey

Q1. How would you like to be contacted by your retailer?

Proposed changes to the codes will require energy businesses to communicate with each other to confirm they have the same information about their existing life support customers.

Q2. We are proposing that customers be able request an alternative date for planned electricity or gas outages than the one proposed by their energy company. Would this new provision be useful for you?

Currently life support customers are provided with at least four business days’ notice of planned electricity outages.

Retailers are not currently required to ask all customers if they require life support equipment when the customer enters a new contract. We are proposing to make this mandatory.

Q4. Should energy businesses require medical confirmation from life support customers?

For example, should you be required to provide a medical certificate or a signed form from your medical practitioner to prove to your energy providers that you require life support equipment?

Q5a. Would being able to provide a medical certificate you already have (that specifies you need life support equipment) to your energy business as proof you require life support equipment be helpful to you?

We’re proposing the new codes allow life support customers to provide medical certificates that specify they need life support equipment to their energy business as ‘medical confirmation’ or proof they require life support equipment. This would be instead of having to go back to a medical practitioner to get a specific form filled in.

Q5b. Do you already have this kind of documentation that you could easily supply to your energy business as medical confirmation?
Q6. If one of your energy businesses wants to let other energy businesses know your address requires life support equipment and the date you told them this, should they seek your consent first?

Currently our codes have minimal requirements for what information energy businesses must provide to their life support customers. We are now proposing to require businesses to provide more information to customers to inform them of rights, obligations and processes about life support equipment.

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