Wildlife is an important part of our environment and essential to the functioning and health of our ecosystems.  Wildlife also has an intrinsic value at an individual and species level.  

The conservation, welfare and sustainability of wildlife is under increasing pressure from threats such as loss and fragmentation of habitat, introduced pests such as foxes and cats, illegal take from the wild, wildlife trafficking, climate change and growing human populations.  All activities involving wildlife must consider impacts on individual animal welfare and on sustainability of populations. 

The conservation and management of wildlife is a shared responsibility of all members of the Victorian community, including government, businesses, Traditional Owners and stakeholder organisations.  

This consultation draft Statement of Regulatory Intent (SRI) sets out proposed public commitments for how the Conservation Regulator will acquit its responsibilities for wildlife regulation under current law and measure its performance as a regulator. 

Statements of Regulatory Intent provide an explanation of how the Conservation Regulator will use its powers to prevent, monitor and respond to breaches of the law to achieve our regulatory outcomes in specific topic areas. 

How to participate

The Conservation Regulator would like community input on the clarity of this Statement of Regulatory Intent, and the regulatory approaches the Conservation Regulator should be prioritising in our approach to regulating wildlife. Additionally, the Conservation Regulator welcomes community input to shape our public reporting on wildlife regulation.

Review the draft 'Regulating the protection of Wildlife SRI' (below) and provide your feedback to the Conservation Regulator by completing the survey or by uploading your submission via the submission form.

Next steps

The feedback received will be used by the Conservation Regulator to inform the final Regulating the protection of Wildlife Statement of Regulatory Intent (SRI), which will be published on the Conservation Regulator’s website towards the end of 2021.



1. a) Is the scope of responsibility presented by the SRI clear? 
3. a) How is the Conservation Regulator currently performing in the 'Set Standards' approach?
3. b) How is the Conservation Regulator currently performing in the 'Inform and Educate' approach?
3. c) How is the Conservation Regulator currently performing in the 'Support Compliance' approach?
3. d) How is the Conservation Regulator currently performing in the 'Monitor Compliance' approach?
3. e) How is the Conservation Regulator currently performing in the 'Enforce the Law' approach?
3. f) How is the Conservation Regulator currently performing in the 'Collaborate with Community' approach?
6. a) Are the key drivers of non-compliance and wildlife harm captured here? 

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

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