The Southern Metropolitan Partnership is an advisory group established by the Victorian Government. The Partnership is a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments, and advise the Victorian Government of the top priorities for jobs, services and infrastructure across the region. This advice will be become part of the government’s key decision-making processes.

Following engagement with its community throughout 2018, the Southern Metropolitan Partnership has developed its advice to the Victorian Government on the regional priorities for the Southern region.

The Partnership's advice to the Victorian Government for 2018 included:

Housing – Provide greater access to affordable housing options across the Southern region

Transport – Improve access to employment, education, services and recreation across the region with higher frequency public transport and greater connectivity and integration of services

Education and youth engagement  – Increased engagement and retention in education for pre-school-aged children and supporting mental health at secondary schools

Jobs and skills – Better education and training opportunities and pathways to employment for young people in the region

Water – Broad scale uptake of fit-for-purpose recycled water across the Southern region providing a climate resilient water resource for long term economic growth and environmental benefit

What we heard in 2018

At our second annual Assembly on 1 August 2018 at Patterson River Secondary College, we heard directly from the community about how to further progress priorities for the region. Watch the video below to see the 2018 Assembly in action or read the Southern Metropolitan Partnership 2018 Assembly Summary Report.