About the Partnership

The Southern Metropolitan Partnership is an advisory group established by the Victorian Government. The Partnership is a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments and advise the Victorian Government of the top priorities for jobs, services and infrastructure across the region. This advice will be become part of the government’s key decision-making processes.

Have your say

The Southern Metropolitan Partnership is seeking your feedback to help shape Melbourne’s south for the future.

If you live or work in the Southern Metropolitan Partnership region, we want to hear from you!

Tell us more about your priorities

In 2018, the top priorities for the Southern region were:

  • Transport
  • Jobs and skills
  • Social inclusion.

In 2019, we are taking a deeper dive into these priority areas to better understand the needs of community members and groups.

We will use your views to shape decisions

Your insights will be used by the partnership to develop an advice paper for the Victorian Government to assist in key decision-making processes in 2019-20.

What does a well-connected community look like?

Community is all about connection. Please write a short sentence about what a 'well-connected community' means to you. Does this mean easy access to public transport? Knowing your neighbours? Having regular meetings with friends? Having access to local shops? Knowing your shopkeepers by name? Access to meaningful work? The list is endless, but we want to hear your personal perspective.

Shaping Southern Partnership 2019 advice

Tell us your local perspective so that we can better understand what your local community needs from government.

It can be challenging to be a young person looking for a job. Tell us what your local perspective is on youth employment. Are there local employment opportunities? Do they need to travel for employment? Do they need further assistance in finding a job?

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We want to know what programs and employment services are working for young people.

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Social isolation can happen to anyone, at any stage of their life. From your perspective, how can be better connect with socially isolated people in your local community?

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Reflect on your own situation, along with your family, friends and neighbours. What have you seen that reduces loneliness in your community?

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Reflect on the transport (public and private) of your local community. Tell us your thoughts on how these can be improved to better connect you to jobs, education and services?

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Previous engagement

Below is a video showcasing the 2018 Assembly in action or read the Southern Metropolitan Partnership 2018 Assembly Summary Report.