The Southern Metropolitan Partnership is committed to improving access and equity in the southern region. In 2017 we identified that the following key priority areas needed our attention: housing, transport & connectivity, education, infrastructure, children and families, young people, health and environment.

From here, with assistance from the community, the Partnership included four priority outcomes in its 2017 advice to government:

Housing: Provide greater access to affordable housing options across the region

Transport: Improve connectivity and access to employment, education, services and recreational activities

Education and Youth Engagement: Increase education and retention for children and young people

Water: Develop a regional approach to water usage to provide for long term economic growth and environmental benefits.

The Partnership also advocated for a number of key proposals for the region in our first year:

  • the next international airport be located in the Southern region creating 16k -26k jobs,
  • a designated freight hub be located in the Southern region.
  • an arterial roads package similar to the one launched in the West be provided for the Southern region.
  • an A League expansion team be formed in the Southern region.
  • a user-centric health navigation platform be implemented in the Southern region.

What we've heard in 2018

At our second annual Assembly on 1 August 2018 at Patterson River Secondary College, we heard directly from the community about how to further progress priorities for the region. Watch the video below to see the 2018 Assembly in action or read the Southern Metropolitan Partnership 2018 Assembly Summary Report.

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