About the Partnership

The Southern Metropolitan Partnership is an advisory group established by the Victorian Government. The Partnership is a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments and advise the Victorian Government of the top priorities across the region. This advice will be become part of the government’s key decision-making processes.

2020 Engagement

The engagement findings from 2017-2019 have led to this year’s deeper dive of three key priority areas. In 2020, engagement will focus on how to increase transport connectivity, jobs and skills and housing in the region.

The 2020 priority areas for the Southern Partnership are:

  • Public transport: Providing timely and reliable public transport connections across the region to enable people to access employment, education and community infrastructure
  • Jobs and skills: Linking young people and other community members to pathways that lead to jobs and training opportunities
  • Housing: Ensuring people in the Southern Region have timely access to crisis accommodation.

Public transport


Previous engagement

Below is a video showcasing the 2018 Assembly in action.