We’re upgrading South Yarra Station, one of Melbourne’s busiest stations, as we also prepare our network for the Metro Tunnel.

The South Yarra Station Upgrade will include improvements to the entrance area, layout and amenities. A new canopy over the entrance and a new tram stop on Toorak Road.

Station entrance

Widening the station entrance on Toorak Road will enhance passenger flow in and out of the station into the surrounding residential, business and shopping precinct.

Inside the entrance we will install more myki gates, which will help people move through the station more easily and reduce crowding. We are also updating the ticket window to make it more accessible for passengers who use a mobility aid.

Station entrance works include:

  • widening the station entrance on Toorak Road to reduce congestion
  • refurbishment of the concourse area with improved lighting, and finishes
  • upgrading ticketing and staff office facilities
  • increasing the number of myki gates and improving their layout
  • upgrading customer wayfinding.

Construction of the station entrance is scheduled from October 2020 to March 2021.

Canopy works

Stage two canopy works to construct a new canopy over the station’s entrance to provide more shelter for people entering and exiting the station are scheduled from November 2020 to March 2021

South Yarra Station Tram Stop upgrade

Our final stage will include the construction of an accessible tram stop on Toorak Road that will be fully integrated with Melbourne’s expanding fleet of low-floor trams. This will also include new dedicated bike lanes to allow cyclists to safely travel past the tram stop and bike facilities on both sides of Toorak Road.

We will continue to keep the community informed of upcoming works.

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