Building on the foundations laid by the Victorian Government's first-ever Social Enterprise Strategy, we are asking for your opinion on developing the state's next social enterprise strategy, which will guide future actions and initiatives. The new strategy will be released in 2021.

Victoria’s next social enterprise strategy will identify ways to grow the $5.2 billion sector and unique contributions that social enterprises make to the Victorian community, strengthen the social enterprise ecosystem and jobs, and build a more inclusive Victorian economy.

Your insights and ideas relating to the issues, challenges and opportunities for Victoria’s social enterprise sector are vital to the strategy renewal process. Your input will help shape the right supports and policy settings for the future.

Discussion paper

A discussion paper has been developed to provide an overview of evidence and practice on five key themes and outlines a series of questions for consideration. By providing a starting point for discussions, it is hoped this paper will prompt thoughtful conversations to identify and shape opportunities to build on the momentum of the current Social Enterprise Strategy. You can find the discussion paper below.

We encourage you to respond to the discussion themes and ideas wall below, and/or provide a written submission with your views.

This consultation closes on Saturday 31 October 2020.

A consultation outcomes report will be published on this page early next year.

Discussion themes

To kickstart the discussion, we’ve identified some broad themes for you to consider. These reflect the environment in which Victoria’s social enterprise sector operates, and trends or issues that have come into prominence in the period since the original Social Enterprise Strategy was developed. We invite you to reflect on these themes, interpret and challenge them.

What do they mean to you, your social enterprise career or practice, your business or organisation? What do you see as our collective priorities? What’s missing? Respond to our questions or ask your own. Share your ideas – big and small.

Ideas Wall

Tell us your big ideas for Victoria's social enterprise sector (140 characters each) or scroll through our Ideas Wall and vote on the ideas that resonate with you.

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21 October, 2020

Tenille Gilbert says:

“Support smaller social enterprises to build capacity so that they can meet social procurement needs.”

21 October, 2020

Clare Fountain says:

“Co-operatives are the ultimate social enterprise - member owned and controlled they need better recognition by all levels of Government. ”

20 October, 2020

Community First says:

“Accountability for local government procurement legislation to support rural community social enterprise for outsourced services and product”

20 October, 2020

Julia Keady says:

“Story telling and story sharing ... similar to Enterprising Stories approach, but more story-telling and hearing directly from founders.”

20 October, 2020

Julia Keady says:

“Funding support for SENVIC to run regular PD/BD support for Social Enterprises at their different stages - idea stage, growth stage etc ”

20 October, 2020

Julia Keady says:

“Less voucher programs that require matched funding from the Social Enterprise as it precludes some Social Enterprises from getting support.”

20 October, 2020

Julia Keady says:

“An independent centralised place for support and advice for SE's when they are at critical stages of change, challenge or opportunities”

20 October, 2020

Sam Waterhouse says:

“Allow social procurement decisions to be made by the local community so they can be in control of the things that directly affect them.”

20 October, 2020

David Conti says:

“Support Social Enterprises through start up phase including increasing incentives and grants for businesses with purpose. ”

20 October, 2020

Rob says:

“Socent cant be seen as a tick box contract or wish list solver. Invest directly in the biz innovation, ideas, agility and get things changed”

20 October, 2020

Brett Holland says:

“Scrutiny of Government departments to make social procurement a priority, greater transparency, a traffic light system to display compliance”

19 October, 2020

Pete Ekstedt says:

“Increase investment in a specialist regional/rural social enterprise intermediary, and an associated, place-based support network”

Submission form

More to say? Make a submission and provide your views.

Written submissions are accepted from organisations, groups or individuals (maximum length of 15 pages and file size 10MB).

In particular, we encourage submissions from representative bodies, such as peak industry organisations, local government, philanthropy and other sector, interest or geographically based networks.

Written submissions will be accepted until 31 October 2020.

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