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30 April, 2021

Dave says:

“Getting more of the community to volunteer and contribute toward the environment, culture & local social & recreation assets (halls, ovals).”

6 April, 2021

Terry K says:

“We could retrain our communities to lead the way on the renewable energy front, as our fossil fuel industries are winding down as are jobs”

6 April, 2021

Stacey says:

“We could commit to renewable energy projects to transition away from coal! Neighbourhood scale energy projects could be commenced ”

12 February, 2021

ExistInPublic says:

“Adding onto MentoringMen's comment; allow trans and gnc people to be included in gender-based groups and support networks! Please! ”

12 February, 2021

SafetyFirst says:

“Get rid of the Proud Boys so that we can exist in safety. Give us access to social groups that aren't just interest based!”

21 January, 2021

MentoringMen says:

“Provide mentoring skills training for men to encourage men to reach out and support other men feel less lonely through life challenges ”

13 January, 2021

Jet says:

“More art! And more space to outline project ideas here pls email”

13 January, 2021

Jet says:

“A greater celebration of our first nations people in the valley would contribute a lot for morale, tourism and community cohesion ”