Construction Sector Review

The third stage of the Small Business Regulation Review will identify opportunities to improve the way regulators and small businesses interact, with a focus on the construction sector.

The construction sector contains around 92,000 small businesses. Small business owners in the sector have told us that they feel a significant amount of regulatory burden. Although regulation is important to ensure safety, we also want to make it simpler for small business owners to meet their regulatory requirements while they focus on running and growing their business.

As with the previous two stages of the SBRR program, this review will be run in close consultation with stakeholders to identify the regulatory pain points that affect small businesses. In order to identify the ways that regulators interact with small business and with each other, the review team will work closely with four partner regulators.

These regulators acknowledge the unique needs of small business in dealing with regulation, and have shown interest in improving the way they interact with small businesses. The partner regulators are:

  • Energy Safe Victoria
  • Environment Protection Authority Victoria
  • Victorian Building Authority
  • WorkSafe Victoria.

While reforms will immediately benefit small businesses operating in the construction sector, this review will also consider ideas that are more broadly applicable to small business and regulators in all sectors.