Project Background

In 2018, the Victorian Government announced $13 million for the ‘Shrine to Sea’ project to create a boulevard connecting Domain Gardens to Port Phillip Bay along Albert and Kerferd roads. The project will enhance the existing greenery and open spaces, improve the safety and experience for people walking and bike riding through this part of Melbourne and help bring the local history, stories and culture to life for resident and visitors.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) became the lead agency for this project in late 2019 and is working in partnership with the City of Port Phillip, the Department of Transport, and Parks Victoria to deliver the project.

Where is the project up to?

Having completed the project inception phase, we are in the early stages of developing a masterplan, with the aim of completing the boulevard by the end of 2023. Some of the activities we have completed or are in the process of completing are:

  • The first round of broad community consultation was conducted in October 2020 – November 2020 which provided us with valuable insights into how people use the project area and what they would like to see happen to improve their enjoyment of the area. We were pleased to have received hundreds of comments and we are currently working on reporting back to the community with our findings. A summary will be posted on this webpage and publicly available in early 2021. Links to the previous consultation activities are provided in the Links and Resources section of this page.
  • We have conducted a number of one-on-one stakeholder meetings with diverse interests and points of view, discussing issues including, but not limited to, education, cycling, heritage, horticulture, transport, and we are engaging with multicultural communities, older person’s groups and other interest groups.
  • We have established relationships with the traditional owners of the land to ensure they help shape the project early in the process.
  • We are gathering historical and heritage information to better understand pre and post colonisation values and narratives.
  • We are partnering with the City of Port Phillip and Melbourne University to conduct a passive irrigation trial to look for ways to improve and sustain the health of the boulevard vegetation.
  • We are currently establishing a Community Panel, due to commence in March 2021.

Get involved and have your say

We are currently establishing a Community Panel to help develop a masterplan for the Shrine to Sea project. Members will be required to attend two meetings and four workshops held in the local area during 2021 and will be compensated for their time. Expressions of Interest for this opportunity have now closed. We will be in touch with all applicants with the results very soon.

This is one of many opportunities to have your say. Please keep an eye on the Shrine to Sea webpage for further project updates and opportunities for involvement.

Images of the project area

Please scroll through to view a selection of images from along the project area.