Community consultation overview

In recognition of the park's importance to a growing number of visitors each year, during 2019 and early 2020, Parks Victoria engaged with stakeholders and the public to gather input and ideas about future possibilities for Braeside Park. The feedback gathered during this time will help inform a visitor experience plan that better caters for current demand and prepares the park for future opportunities.

A consultation summary report is published below. The visitor experience plan is currently in development and will be published here when available.

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Braeside Park is a green-space oasis within Melbourne’s southeast suburbs offering a diverse range of recreational opportunities. The park has significant environmental and cultural heritage, and is home to a diverse range of plants, birds and reptiles.

Parks Victoria’s strategy, Shaping Our Future, recognises the importance of conserving parks while providing opportunities for all people to enjoy Victoria’s special places.

Braeside Park’s primary goal is to provide ‘diverse recreational and educational experiences for the metropolitan community, which are compatible with protection and enhancement of the park’s ecological and cultural resources’.

Braeside Park received 461,000 visits during 2017. This is a 54% increase in visitor numbers since 2000. This is likely to increase to 600,000 by 2031 if it aligns with the predicted 30% increase in Melbourne’s population.

The City of Kingston, within which Braeside Park is situated, is a diverse community with residents from over 150 countries of origin speaking 120 languages and following over 28 faiths. Around 20% percent of the population have a disability, and Kingston’s older residents make up the fastest growing population group in the municipality. There are over 40 multicultural senior groups in the municipality.

The Mordialloc Bypass will run along the western edge of the park. A popular track that runs from the adjacent industrial estate into the park, will be retained via a tunnel under the bypass. This will provide continued pedestrian access into the western side of the park.

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Organised group camping (e.g. schools, disability groups) allowed in designated areas
More fitness equipment along walking and running trails
More seating along walking and running trails
Public events held in the park (e.g. outdoor cinema, music or food festivals, markets etc)
Health, wellbeing and social inclusion programs in the park
Walking trail through Heathland conservation area
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Your contact information is only be used to administer the public consultation process and will be separated from your submission. You can view the Privacy Statement below.

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