The Victorian Government is committed to helping secure access to critical materials to build our future homes and infrastructure affordably.

Victoria’s population is set to double by 2050. As our population rises, so will our demand for quarry materials such as rock, gravel and sand in order to build homes, infrastructure and private sector development. It’s vital to ensure extractive resources are sourced close to where they’ll be used in construction. This is because it helps affordability by keeping construction costs down, while also reducing the need to transport material over large distances, which is a more sustainable approach.

The Strategic Extractive Resource Areas (SERA) pilot project aims to ensure quarries can supply raw materials well into the future while avoiding land use conflicts. The project will trial the establishment of SERAs that will define the locations of strategic state resources while considering other existing land uses, environmental assets and community interests.

The SERAs are proposed to be mapped and incorporated into the planning system with associated planning controls. The planning controls seek to secure the extractive resources and support the potential for complementary land uses. This will provide greater certainty to industry, land use planners and the community to better inform future land use well in advance of development.


From May to July 2020, the Victorian Government undertook an 8 week public consultation process about the SERA pilot project. During that period we received over 250 submissions, with detailed feedback provided by statutory authorities, local governments, landowners, community organisations, and interested individuals. Topics covered in the submissions include the methodology used to inform the SERA pilot project, the SERA boundaries in the two pilot locations, and the planning controls drafted to implement them.

We are now completing a review and analysis of all submissions. We will contact key stakeholders with a project update by early 2021, and we will publish further project updates here on the Engage VIC website.


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Does your submission relate the Wyndham SERA pilot, the South Gippsland SERA pilot, both or neither?

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Securing strategic extractive resources

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It is important to secure strategic extractive resources in suitable locations.

Draft ‘Strategic Extractive Resource Area’ boundaries

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The draft boundaries adequately identify ‘Strategic Extractive Resource Areas’ in the pilot area/s?

Draft ‘Strategic Extractive Resource Area’ planning provisions

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