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Bass Coast College was chosen as the school name following community consultation and discussions with Geographic Names Victoria. Consideration was given to factors including public interest and relevance to the local area.

Bass Coast College was chosen to reflect the school's location in the Bass Coast Shire.

We consulted with local communities for three weeks from Thursday 11 February to Thursday 4 March 2021. Thank you for your input.

Why these names?

Bass Coast College: Based in Bass Coast Shire.

Bass Coast Regional College: Based in Bass Coast Shire and new campus (San Remo) will span more of the shire.

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Further information

Naming a public building is a complex process that takes several months to complete. Here is a summary of the guiding principles involved. A school name should:

  • Ensure public safety and operational safety for emergency response - without causing confusion for transport, communication and mail services
  • Recognise public interest - the long-term effect of the name on the wider community
  • Link the name to place - be relevant to the local area
  • Avoid duplication of a school name within 30km radius
  • Not be discriminatory
  • Recognise and consider use of Aboriginal languages, subject to agreement from the relevant Traditional Custodian group(s)
  • Review the use of dual names where applicable
  • Avoid the names of people still living
  • Not be named after commercial businesses, trade names, estate names or non-profit organisations
  • Use standard Australian English or a recognised format of an Aboriginal language local to the area (except proper nouns); include school provision; exclude numeric value, ‘the’ as a prefix, apostrophes and abbreviations (except for St/saint)
  • Not include directional language other than the locality.

Department of Education and Training (DET) School Naming policy:

Naming guide for schools (Quick guide):

Naming rules for places in Victoria, statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities 2016 (Extended version):

Geographic Names Victoria: