In October 2018, we consulted with the community from Romsey and the surrounding Macedon Ranges to gain feedback about factors influencing secondary school access and choice for local students.

The consultation included student and teacher workshops, community drop-ins and an online survey, and also explored the potential benefits and concerns raised by a P-9 option.

We have gathered all your ideas and feedback to produce the Romsey School Regeneration Project Community Engagement Summary Report.

The community engagement findings have informed an independent education review commissioned by the Department of Education and Training to help plan for local secondary education.


For more information, download the community engagement summary report in Word or PDF.

To find out more about the subsequent Romsey Secondary Education Planning Review, download the fact sheet in Word or PDF.

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Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey. This survey has now closed.

1. What impact would offering Year 7-9 at Romsey Primary have for students and the Macedon Ranges community? (select up to 3)
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2. Which primary school does your child/children attend now?
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3. Which secondary school does your child/children attend now?
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4. Which secondary school are you considering enrolling your child/children at in future?
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5. If your child/children attend secondary school or will in the near future – how will they get to school?
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6. If there was a Year 7-9 option at Romsey (no matter what primary school your child currently attends) - would your child choose this, knowing they will have to move to a different school for Years 10-12? (select 1)
7. What factors influence your decision in selecting a secondary school? (select up to 3)
8. What specialist programs would you expect in a secondary school? (select up to 3)
9. What is your preference for public or private secondary education in the area for your children (If applicable)?
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Optional questions

Why are you interested in education in this area? (Choose up to 2)
How did you hear about this survey? (Select all that apply)
How satisfied are you with the opportunities you’ve had to get involved and provide your views on education in Romsey?

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