The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, the Hon Marlene Kairouz MP (the Minister), has approved terms of reference for a review of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (LCRA).

The Objects Of The LCRA

The LCRA regulates the supply of liquor in Victoria. Its objects are:

  • to contribute to minimising harm arising from the misuse and abuse of alcohol, including by:
    • providing adequate controls over the supply and consumption of liquor
    • ensuring as far as practicable that the supply of liquor contributes to, and does not detract from, the amenity of community life
    • restricting the supply of certain other alcoholic products
    • encouraging a culture of responsible consumption of alcohol and reducing risky drinking of alcohol and its impact on the community
  • to facilitate the development of a diversity of licensed facilities reflecting community expectations
  • to contribute to the responsible development of the liquor, licensed hospitality and live music industries
  • to regulate licensed premises that provide sexually explicit entertainment.

The Review

The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring that the regulation of the supply of liquor strikes an appropriate balance between minimising harm from the misuse of alcohol and recognising the benefits of a responsible and diverse liquor industry to Victoria.

There have been many changes to the liquor industry in Victoria and to consumer preferences since the introduction of the LCRA nearly 20 years ago. It is appropriate to review the LCRA now to ensure the regulatory framework keeps pace with industry change while providing an appropriate harm minimisation focus.

The review will identify ways to reduce red tape and regulatory burden and ensure that Victoria has the right laws to support its liquor and hospitality industries, including its attractive café, restaurant, pub, club, bar and night-life culture. It will also assess the effectiveness of the LCRA’s harm minimisation measures, including the degree to which they can play a part in minimising the incidence of family violence.


Submissions in response to the Consultation Paper are now closed.