EPA finalises power station licence review

EPA has finalised our review of the three brown coal-fired power stations.

We consulted extensively during the review, and we received 493 submissions form the community.

Following consultation we have made changes to all three licences with regard to air emissions and wastewater.

The assessment report is available from the document library on this page.

Community (Section 20B) conference on 22 August

An independently chaired community conference was held on Wednesday, 22 August 2018 at the Premiere Function Centre, 29 Grey Street, Traralgon.

The purpose of the conference was:

  • for EPA and the licence operators to gain an understanding of community concerns and issues that need to be considered as part of the licence review process
  • to identify potential resolutions for EPA and the licence operators to consider in the licence review process.

The conference report is now available for download from the document library on this page.

Views raised in the submissions lodged so far will also be considered in EPA’s decisions on the power station licences.

Thankyou for taking part in this review process. EPA is now considering the conference report and all other information presented to us about this review. We will keep you informed on how the issues raised in the review process have been resolved.

Power station operators’ responses to the community consultation

The three power station operators have responded separately to community sumissions:

  • AGL Loy Yang A
  • IPM Loy Yang B
  • Energy Australia Yallourn

Download these responses and the air modelling report commissioned by the power station operators from the document library on this page.

What are we reviewing?

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is reviewing the EPA-issued licences of three power stations as part of its routine program of reviewing licences by industry sector once every five years. These power stations are all located in Gippsland:

  • AGL Loy Yang A (Loy Yang)
  • IPM Loy Yang B (Loy Yang)
  • Energy Australia (Yallourn).

EPA-issued licences aim to control the operation of each premises based on the site’s environmental risk. The current power station licences include conditions covering:

  • monitoring and reporting requirements
  • air and water discharge limits
  • land and groundwater protection conditions
  • waste management conditions.

As part of the review process EPA already intends to focus on monitoring, reporting and pollutant emission limits to ensure compliance with the State Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality Management). EPA would also like to hear the community’s views in relation to the specific licence conditions for these three power stations.

View the existing licences for the three brown coal-fired power stations in the document library on this page.

Any changes EPA makes to licences as part of the reviews need to be within our regulatory powers.