Community (Section 20B) conference on 22 August

An independently chaired community conference was held on Wednesday, 22 August 2018 at the Premiere Function Centre, 29 Grey Street, Traralgon.

The purpose of the conference was:

  • for EPA and the licence operators to gain an understanding of community concerns and issues that need to be considered as part of the licence review process
  • to identify potential resolutions for EPA and the licence operators to consider in the licence review process.

The conference report is now available for download from the document library on this page.

Views raised in the submissions lodged so far will also be considered in EPA’s decisions on the power station licences.

Thankyou for taking part in this review process. EPA is now considering the conference report and all other information presented to us about this review. We will keep you informed on how the issues raised in the review process have been resolved.

Power station operators’ responses to the community consultation

The three power station operators have responded separately to community sumissions:

  • AGL Loy Yang A
  • IPM Loy Yang B
  • Energy Australia Yallourn

Download these responses and the air modelling report commissioned by the power station operators from the document library on this page.

What are we reviewing?

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is reviewing the EPA-issued licences of three power stations as part of its routine program of reviewing licences by industry sector once every five years. These power stations are all located in Gippsland:

  • AGL Loy Yang A (Loy Yang)
  • IPM Loy Yang B (Loy Yang)
  • Energy Australia (Yallourn).

EPA-issued licences aim to control the operation of each premises based on the site’s environmental risk. The current power station licences include conditions covering:

  • monitoring and reporting requirements
  • air and water discharge limits
  • land and groundwater protection conditions
  • waste management conditions.

As part of the review process EPA already intends to focus on monitoring, reporting and pollutant emission limits to ensure compliance with the State Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality Management). EPA would also like to hear the community’s views in relation to the specific licence conditions for these three power stations.

View the existing licences for the three brown coal-fired power stations in the document library on this page.

Any changes EPA makes to licences as part of the reviews need to be within our regulatory powers.

Consultation stages

Part 1: Targeted consultation

From December 2017 to February 2018, EPA has sought input from a number of community and environment groups to better understand their views. These groups are a mix of local and broader groups that already have an interest in or interact with the three-brown coal fired power stations.

Submissions have been received from:

  • Bayside Climate Change Action Group
  • Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • Climate and Health Alliance
  • Committee for Gippsland
  • Community Over Mining
  • Doctors for the Environment Australia
  • Environment Victoria
  • Environmental Justice Australia
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Gippsland Trades & Labour Council Inc
  • Healthy Futures
  • Latrobe City Council
  • Latrobe Valley air monitoring co-design
  • Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group
  • Voices of the Valley

You can view individual submissions on EPA’s website.

Part 2: Community consultation

Survey (closed Sunday 13 May)

Given the range of things EPA licences cover, as described above, we want to understand your perspective on what should be considered as part of these licence reviews. Please tell us what is important to you by filling in this survey.

In order to assist the review process, please respond to the questions below and ensure your issues are related to power station licences.

1. EPA licences currently set limits and require monitoring of emissions of:

  • carbon monoxide
  • chlorine compounds (as chlorine)
  • fluorine compounds (as HF)
  • oxides of nitrogen (as NO2)
  • particles
  • sulfur dioxide
  • sulfur trioxide

You have 5000 characters left.
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(Note: these should be related to the points that licences cover, as specified above)

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If you would like us to be able to stay in contact with you about your comments and the reviews as they progress, please leave us your details below.

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The personal information requested above is being collected by Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) for the purposes of enabling you to make submissions on the brown coal-fired power station licence reviews under consideration and for EPA to engage with you and keep you informed about this process and its outcomes. The personal information will be used solely by EPA for this primary purpose or directly related purposes. An example of a directly related purpose is an order or requirement of a court or tribunal to disclose the information in a legal proceeding concerning the licence reviews.
Please be aware that EPA is required to retain and archive personal information once a submission is received due to legal requirements. Also note that, as submissions/comments received by EPA are part of a public consultation process, they may be made publicly available and shared with the licence holders. Accordingly, we advise anyone leaving a submission or comments not to provide personal or identifying information in a submission unless it is necessary to do so.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.