Do you support the concept of lost pets being dropped off by the community at a vet clinic or registered animal shelter?
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What risks or issues are you concerned about in relation to reforms of the pet reunification process?
Have you handed over, or collected, a lost pet at a vet clinic?
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Have you handed over, or collected, a lost pet at a registered animal shelter?
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If you have been reunited with a lost pet by a vet clinic or registered animal shelter, did council contact you after you collected the lost pet?
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Would you consent to your contact details (i.e. phone number) being provided to more organisations or people by animal registry services for pet reunification purposes?

Currently animal registry services (microchip database managers) can only provide a pet owner’s contact details to council authorised officers, registered microchip implanter (e.g. vet) or their employees.

Should sharing of contact information (i.e. phone numbers) be automatically allowed if a pet is lost (meaning owners are given the option to ‘opt out’ rather than ‘opt in’ when microchipping their animals)?
Should vet clinics have the ability to recoup the costs of reuniting pets with their owners (e.g. vet treatment)?
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