The Victorian Government committed to reviewing the existing laws and processes relating to the direct reunification of lost cats and dogs with their owners via vet clinics and registered animal shelters.

The Government would like to reunite these lost pets more efficiently and reduce any regulatory, administrative and resource burdens on councils, vet clinics and registered animal shelters.

It also wants to ensure the community and environment can continue to be protected and that any proposed changes do not adversely impact animal welfare, individual privacy or compliance and enforcement activities.

In order to complete the review, the Government would like to hear from different stakeholders involved in the lost pet reunification process.

With your input we can ensure that any reform to the current process is focussed on how to get the best outcome for the Victorian community and our beloved pets.

Have your say by reading the issues paper and completing the relevant survey.

Read the Issues Paper

Please read the Issues Paper before completing the relevant survey to get an overview of some of the issues associated with reuniting lost pets.
Reuniting Lost Pets Issues Paper
PDF (933.75 KB)
Reuniting Lost Pets Issues Paper
MS Word (447.42 KB)

Read the Public Consultation Summary Report

The key findings from the more than 1,000 submissions to the Reuniting Lost Pets Review are included in the Public Consultation Summary Report.
Community consultation summary report
PDF (927.10 KB)
Community consultation summary report
MS Word (1.07 MB)

Complete the relevant survey

Please complete the relevant survey from the options below.

Email a submission

If you would like to email a submission instead of completing one of the surveys above, please read the Issues Paper to familiarise yourself with the scope of the review and issues and send your submission to pet.welfare@agriculture.vic.gov.au.

Emailed submissions must be received by 11:59 pm Monday 24 August 2020.

Collection Notice

Animal Welfare Victoria is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with Victorian privacy laws.

The information you provide in the surveys will be provided to Animal Welfare Victoria and the supporting Project Team to inform the development of recommendations and to identify opportunities to improve the lost pet reunification process (the Review).

Your responses will be used to inform a summary report. Multiple choice, stakeholder/respondent type and postcode or LGA questions from the survey may be published as de-identified and aggregated data and de-identified free text responses may also be selected for inclusion. Alternatively, subject to your consent, written responses may be quoted and attributed to you in the final summary report.

For people completing the 'Community Survey', all questions are optional, and you may elect to leave any question unanswered. This gives you the option to make your submission anonymously.

For all other surveys a name, organisation and email will be requested to assist in following-up any matters raised. We will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except where required to do so by law.

You may also choose to provide your email address by using the ‘Register for updates’ form. This information will not be associated with the survey submissions. By providing your email address, you authorise Animal Welfare Victoria to collect and use it for the purpose of updating you about the Review.

You can request access and correction of your information by contacting the Project Team at pet.welfare@agriculture.vic.gov.au.

For more information, please see the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Privacy Statement.