A review of the Retirement Villages Act 1986 (the RV Act) was launched on 25 October 2019 (the Review) via the release of an Issues Paper and seven summary documents of the Issues Paper. Public submissions to the Review were open until 6 December 2019.

A total of 152 submissions were received from stakeholders representing retirement village owners, retirement village residents and their families, researchers and other interested parties.

In addition, three community forums were conducted across Victoria in November 2019 as an additional way for stakeholders to share their views and comments on the RV Act. These forums occurred in Geelong on 12 November, Shepparton on 15 November and Melbourne on 22 November.

Submissions to the Review and a summary of the feedback at the community forums can be found on this page.

It should be noted that some submitters and some forum participants may have been unclear about whether they were residing in a retirement village, for the purposes of the RV Act, or a residential park (as defined by Part 4A of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997). This is reflected in some submissions.

Please note where submitters have made comments that may either identify individuals without their consent or have the potential to defame an individual or organisation, these comments have been redacted.

This was the first stage in the consultation. Please see Review of the Retirement Villages Act for more.


In accordance with the Engage Victoria Community Guidelines we have reviewed and redacted the submissions for issues related to:

Confidentiality and privacy

Submissions have been published as indicated, or through using the Engage.vic.gov.au platform, as either:

  • Do not publish
  • Publish anonymous, or
  • Publish (no opt out).

So as to protect personal privacy and that of others all personal information about individuals (such as email addresses, private addresses, the names, locations and identifiable information of individual retirement villages, phone numbers, and signatures) and all third party names and details (including the names of individual retirement villages operators and managers) are redacted.

All overtly political comments (e.g. reference to officials, support for political parties) are redacted.

Commercial material

All photos, third party charts and diagrams are redacted as express permission for public disclosure has not been provided.

Discrimination and offensive content

We have redacted anything which:

  • vilifies others on the basis of their race or religion
  • incites, induces or aids violence, discrimination, harassment, victimisation or hatred towards others
  • may offend, insult or humiliate others, particularly on the basis of their race, colour, descent, national origin, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or any disability
  • makes defamatory or libellous comments
  • uses insulting, obscene, provocative or hateful language or
  • encourages conduct that may constitute a criminal or civil offence or otherwise violate Australian federal or Victorian law.

Descriptions or personal stories that are gratuitously graphic, or deemed as deliberately upsetting for other users are redacted.

Privacy and collection notice

This Review is being conducted by the Department of Justice and Community Safety. All references to 'us' or 'we' on this page are references to the department.

When making your submission you can provide personal details and information. This information will help us understand the context of your submission.

If you opt to provide your name or email address, we may use these details to identify your submission if you want to access it or make a correction.

You do not need to provide contact information. You can make a submission without providing this information. If you do provide this information, you can still opt for your submission to remain anonymous.

You have three choices in how we will treat your submission:

  • published in whole or in part with your name and/or organisation
  • published in whole or in part but without your name and/or organisation
  • not published at all.

Submissions and comments may be subject to Freedom of Information and other laws. Submissions should not include any information which may identify third parties. We may redact or not publish submissions regarded as defamatory or discriminatory.

We will never publish your contact details. Your contact details will only be used for this consultation. Any submission published will have contact information such as email or address redacted.

We commit to protecting personal information provided by you under the principles of Victorian privacy laws.