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Retirement villages provide a form of retirement living in a community setting. The retirement living market is evolving, driven by a number of economic and social factors including an ageing population, changing expectations and needs of retirees, increasing land values and reducing housing affordability.

The Retirement Villages Act 1986 (the RV Act) regulates the contractual relationship between retirement villages and their residents. While a number of significant reforms have been introduced into the RV Act since 1986 addressing particular issues that have arisen in the retirement village market, the RV Act has not been the subject of a comprehensive review since 2004. The review of the RV Act provides Victorians with a say on how it should look in the future.

Options Paper

The purpose of the Options Paper is to outline potential changes that could be made to the RV Act, the regulations that accompany the RV Act or broader information and education initiatives, and to obtain stakeholder views on these identified reform options.

Consultation questions are included to help guide stakeholders in considering the options identified.

Development of the Options Paper has been informed by stakeholder feedback in response to the October 2019 Issues Paper and the November 2019 Community Forums, as well as independent research and analysis commissioned by the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

This paper responds to key identified issues that have the potential to cause harm to individuals and communities and considers a range of options to mitigate these harms.

Supporting information

How to participate in the second stage of consultation

You can provide your feedback in one of two ways:

  1. Respond to our Options Paper. The paper poses questions that you can respond to or use as a guide to write your submission. You can:
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  2. Complete our survey. The survey allows participants to read a summary of each issue presented in the Options Paper and provide their response using a free text box below.

Submissions close 11.59pm Friday 14 May 2021.

Complete the survey


We have created a survey reflecting the themes and questions asked within the Options Paper.

Read through each section and provide your feedback. You are not required to provide a response to every option.

Submit your response to the Options Paper

Next steps

The Victorian Government has not settled on a preferred reform approach. Feedback on the Options Paper will inform the government’s decisions in determining the final suite of reforms to the regulation of retirement villages in Victoria.

It is anticipated that a Bill will be introduced into Parliament during the current term of government.

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