The Victorian government is developing proposals to renew Victoria’s public land legislation, including the creation of a new Public Land Act.

Much of Victoria’s current public land legislation is outdated and does not reflect contemporary views and values of public land. It is also complex and does not adequately support efficient and effective public land management. A new Public Land Act will assist in overcoming the barriers and issues posed by the current legislative framework.

What is being proposed?

The government is proposing to replace three existing Crown Land Acts (the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978, Forests Act 1958 and Land Act 1958) with a new Public Land Act. The new Public Land Act will operate alongside the National Parks Act 1975, which will continue to protect significant parts of Victoria’s diverse natural environment.

To inform the development of the renewed public land legislation, the government has released a consultation paper that sets out the government’s proposals for a new Public Land Act.

What won’t change as a result of new or changing legislation?

The proposed reforms will not change any current land uses and all current tenures will be carried forward to the modernised legislation.

The renewal of Victoria’s public land legislation will not:

  • change currently accepted land uses;
  • reduce the protection currently afforded to Victoria’s protected areas or change the extent of Victoria’s existing public land;
  • affect the current protections afforded to Traditional Owners’ rights and interests, including procedural rights under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act and native title rights;
  • affect current tenures—these will be retained under their current terms and conditions and future tenures will be issued under the new or modernised legislation.

Next steps

The submission period on the proposed reforms is now closed.

Feedback received during the submission period will be used to develop the new legislation, including finalising the wording of objectives and principles for the new Act.

A report of the submissions and feedback will be compiled and will be published and made available to those who participated in the consultation via the Engage Victoria consultation page.

Collection notice

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Your submission has been collected by DELWP to inform the renewal of Victoria’s public land legislation, and to keep you updated on the project if you choose to provide contact details. Responses received through the public consultation process will be assessed and analysed to improve and refine the proposals for the renewed public land legislation.

In receiving your submission, DELWP may do the following with your submission (not including your personal information):

  • Publish a copy of your submission on the Engage Victoria or DELWP website.
  • Make it available to other Victorian Government agencies.
  • Quote directly from your submission in the review documentation.

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