Engagement Summary Report Now Available

In June 2019, feedback from the community was invited regarding the Forests (Licences and Permits) Regulations 2009. A summary of the findings is now available. The report outlines what we heard from you and how it informed the remaking of the Regulations. Thank you for your participation and contribution.
Engagement Summary Report - Forests (Licences and Permits) Regulations
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The Forests (Licences and Permits) Regulations 2009 are due to sunset on 8 December 2019. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is in the process of remaking these regulations, and is seeking your input.

The Forests (Licences and Permits) Regulations 2009 are regulations that primarily deal with applications for, and conditions on, licences issued under section 52 of the Forests Act 1958. Their main purpose is to protect forest values by managing the impact of activities permitted under these licences.

Licences issued under this section include:

  • licences for grazing cattle in State forests
  • licences to cut, dig or take forest produce
  • other licences including event permits.

The regulations also prescribe offences for certain activities in reserved forest, and requirements for the branding of trees. The regulations do not prescribe fees or royalties.

You are invited to share your perspectives to inform the remaking of these regulations, using the survey form below. We want to hear your suggestions about whether these regulations are fit for purpose and whether there is potential for them to be made more effective. A summary of findings will be published here on Engage Victoria.

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