The Petroleum Regulations 2021 (the Regulations) commenced operation on 22 November 2021.

The Regulations will ensure greater transparency and community engagement requirements for onshore conventional gas development than was previously required.

The Regulations introduce important regulatory requirements to support the operation of the Petroleum Act 1998, including amendments to the Act that took effect from 1 July 2021 to support the orderly restart of the onshore conventional gas industry. The Regulations address the recommendations of the Victorian Gas Program stakeholder advisory panel that was made up of farmers, environment groups, industry representatives and local councils. The Victorian Gas Program concluded that support would be enhanced by providing genuine engagement opportunities and more information about industry activity.

The Regulations were made following a robust consultation process in accordance with the Subordinate Legislation Act 1994 (SLA). A regulatory impact statement was published for 28 days public comment, with draft Regulations and a draft Code of Practice in relation to well management. All submissions received were considered in accordance with section 11 of the SLA. A Statement of Reasons has been prepared which provides an overview of the comments received, responses to comments and changes to the proposed Regulations. This has been published below.

The Regulations support the onshore conventional gas industry only and do not relate to fracking or coal seam gas, which are permanently banned in Victoria.

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions would like to acknowledge and thank stakeholders who have taken the time to provide feedback.

Further information

The department has prepared some factsheets to support understanding of the proposed regulations and how to engage in the public consultation process (see below).
The role of gas in Victoria
PDF (154.99 KB)
Timeline of regulatory changes
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Regulatory Impact Statement - providing your views
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