The Office of the Conservation Regulator (OCR) has recently been established in the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP) to bring together all of DELWP’s regulatory functions in one place. Led by Victoria’s first Chief Conservation Regulator, it will coordinate and oversee all DELWP’s direct regulatory responsibilities across more than 20 Acts of Parliament.

The OCR will work to ensure DELWP regulates the natural environment and conservation effectively to prevent the law being broken and to respond appropriately when it is.

This work ranges from use of public land, timber harvesting, wildlife, fire prevention and heritage.

Over the coming months we will provide a range of opportunities for you to get involved.

Stakeholder Reference Group

Expressions of interest to join our Stakeholder Reference Group have now closed. The Stakeholder Reference Group will support the Chief Conservation Regulator by providing regular feedback on the OCR’s regulatory activities in particular - supporting the establishment of the office. The Terms of Reference can be found here.

Feedback from Timber Harvesting Survey

Thank you for your contributions. The feedback collected from the survey and submissions has been analysed, considered and presented in an Engagement Report by the OCR.

A final version of the Statement of Regulatory Intent for Regulating Timber Harvesting in State Forest under the Allocation Order, along with the Engagement Report can be found below and on the OCR website.

Engagement on other key areas where the OCR has direct responsibility for environmental regulation will occur in the coming months.


Our Regulatory Approach

1 – Very difficult 2 – Difficult 3 – Neutral 4 – Easy 5 – Very easy

Set Standards

  1. Rainforest field identification #
  2. Application of the precautionary principle #
  3. Identification and assessment of habitat features #
  4. Interpretation of landscape management prescriptions #
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Inform and Educate

Q5. What are the most useful ways for us to work with you?

Actions to Support Compliance

The actions we will take to support compliance with the law are:

  1. Engage with VicForests to provide advice to interpret standards and remedy any potential non-compliance
  2. Assess any proposed new or amended Timber Release Plan for compliance with the Allocation Order and advise VicForests on the outcomes of its assessment, requiring that any issues of non-compliance are rectified.
  3. Assess the Rolling Operations Plan for compliance with the Allocation Order and Timber Release Plan and advise VicForests of the outcomes of its assessment, requiring that any issues are rectified.
  4. Publish the outcomes of these assessments on its website.
Q7. How confident are you that taking these steps will support better compliance?
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Monitoring Compliance

Q9. What are the three most important actions you think the OCR could do to better monitor compliance?
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Enforcing the Law

The OCR has limited regulatory tools available to it at this time. These are:

  • Notice of breach
  • Warning letters
  • Enforceable undertakings
  • Prosecution


Performance Measures and Reporting

Q14. Choose the top five most important performance standards?
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Additional Information

About You

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